The Diet That Beats Out Paleo and All the Rest

Total shocker, we know, but when you compare diets -- the paleo diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins and so on -- the healthiest diet of them all is eating real food.   read more


March 25, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  1 COMMENT
The Truth About Sunscreen For Your Hair

• Do you need sunscreen for your hair? Well, sort of. There's no medical reason, per se (your hair's not actually alive, you know), but there are cosmetic reasons you might want to sun protect it, especially if it's chemically processed. UV rays are super bad for colored and permed hair. Think about it! [Refinery29]   read more


March 25, 2014  |   5:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Terrified of Aging? Please Watch This Video

"There is no cure for aging, because aging isn't an illness," a new Public Service Announcement from the British non-profit, Age UK, reminds us.   read more


March 20, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
9 Best Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

If you're pregnant, you're likely bombarded with so many do's and don'ts according to everyone's opinions -- from your great aunt Susie's to your yoga teacher's to your co-worker's. Not to mention that you have to read about how everyone from Gisele to Kourtney Kardashian lost their baby weight in a few short weeks after giving birth and look better than ever post-baby.   See products


March 19, 2014  |   8:03 AM  |  18 COMMENTS
Army Wife Loses 100 Pounds During Husband's Deployment

Here's the kind of surprise we can totally get behind. Army specialist Larry Schaffer was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. He spent more than a year living overseas and communicated with his wife and young daughter through emails and phonecalls.   read more


March 19, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Old Navy Has Taken To Photoshopping Mannequins, Too

• Old Navy is now Photoshopping thigh gaps onto their mannequins. How friggin' crazy is that? And unnecessary, too. [The Gloss]   read more


March 19, 2014  |   5:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Countess Vaughn's Lacefront Wig Nightmare

Countess Vaughn played Brandy's best friend Kim on the hit television show Moesha in the '90s. She loved lacefront wigs, but they didn't love her back.   read more


March 18, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
Mary-Kate Admits She Just Learned How To Brush Her Hair

• Mary-Kate Olsen is still learning how to be an adult, you guys. Case in point: "You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!" Us too, MK, us too. [Elle]   read more


March 18, 2014  |   5:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Stressed? It Could Give You Heart Problems

Stress is bad for us, sure, but just how bad? Well, for some women, stress can actually cause heart problems.   read more


March 17, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Demi Lovato Takes Lady Gaga To Task For Encouraging Eating Disorders

• Demi Lovato took a stand against Lady Gaga's latest stunt, which involved having "vomit artist" (yes, a real thing, apparently) Millie Brown puke all over her during a concert at SXSW. Lovato, who admitted her own struggles with eating disorders, called out the singer for glamorizing bulimia over Twitter. We happen to agree. Also, it's gross to have someone puke on you.   read more


March 17, 2014  |   5:03 AM  |  2 COMMENTS

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