Detox Diaries: My Three Weeks on 'Clean'

You know how you think things out loud, and don't really realize what you're saying until it's out there? Well that's how I got roped into this detox diet. At our last brainstorming meeting, I mused aloud that it would be interesting to follow real people as they attempted detox diets. Next thing I knew my editor was handing me the book "Clean" by Dr. Alejandro Junger and telling me to take my before photo. Um, what?   See diet


10 Fast Food Options That Are Good for Your Skin

If you refuse to give up fast food (or have to eat it in a pinch), at least pick the best options for healthy skin   See foods


Women Diets: Healthy Lunchbox Makeovers

Think what's in your brown bag would pass muster with a professional nutritionist? You might be surprised to learn how poor your diet really is   read more


Healthy Skin Diet: The Truth About Antioxidants

Antioxidants. We hear this word every day as it relates to maintaining a healthy skin diet and we assume we also need them in our skin care regimen. But what are these antioxidants exactly and what do they do?   Get 411


Pregnancy Diets: What to Eat When You're Expecting

"Oh, you're so lucky to be pregnant -- you can eat any and everything you want. All. The. Time." Sure, we've heard hype like that too. And while we admit it would be nice to have an excuse to eat an extra 300 calories a day (really, that's the recommended amount) without any guilt, we also know that going food crazy isn't the healthiest way to embrace a pregnancy diet.   See foods


11 Easy Ways to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Wouldn't life be easier if a magic calorie-burning pill did exist? One that has zero side effects and is actually good for you?   See tips


Healthy Skin Diet: 6 Yummy Foods That Prevent Wrinkles

This season's hottest anti-aging ingredients can be found in the grocery aisles. Add them to your healthy skin diet now   See foods


10 New Weight Loss and Diet Myths and Facts

Is it a no-no to eat after 8 PM? Discover the real answer to this question and more   See myths


Women's Diet: The Physical Red Flags of Eating Disorders

In pursuit of the thin-is-beautiful ideal peddled by Hollywood and Madison Avenue, most of us have -- at one time or another -- counted calories, embarked on a crash diet, sworn off sweets, or had periods of extreme gym rat-itis.   See the signs


Best Diets for Women: 8 Must-Eat Superfoods

While you won't find the definition of "superfood" in any seriously scientific textbook, in recent years the term has been bandied about by the media, nutritionists and women's diet gurus to describe foods (mostly fruits, veggies and seeds/nuts) that are rich in phytonutrient content -- in other words, foods that boast significant amounts of stuff that's good for you and should be included in your diet. "Stuff" like antioxidants (to help prevent cell damage), anthocyanins (to help cells block UV light), vitamin C (to help with everything from wound healing to oxidative stress) and dietary fiber (to help food move through your body more quickly).   See foods


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