Federal Trade Commission Charges Four Familiar Weight-Loss Companies With Fraud

Oh, you can't lose weight and get a "gym body" just by sprinkling some weird powder of undisclosed ingredients onto your food? You don't say. The ambitious (and completely unrealistic) claims made by sketchy weight-loss products like Sensa and LeanSpa may be tempting -- who wouldn't jump at the chance to achieve said gym body without spending one precious second on the elliptical? -- but we've always seen them for what they are, and that's sketchy. How these companies have been able to continue their ridiculous marketing over the years is beyond us. At last, the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down, and they're not going to let these products get away with it anymore.   read more


January 9, 2014  |   7:01 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
My Slim-Down, Get-Glowing Detox

I knew I needed a change when I hopped on the scale a week after Thanksgiving and the number flashed higher than it had ever been. Granted, it was a few days after I had two Thanksgiving dinners in less than 24 hours, but the persistent tightness of my clothing and my general sluggishness suggested that the extra pounds were more than just a few big dinners. After catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror after a shower one night, I thought to myself, 'I can't possibly be pregnant ... right?' Nope. My food baby had just become a permanent fixture.   read more


December 31, 2013  |  12:12 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
The Paleo Diet Tops Yearly Trend Reports

We promised we wouldn't start talking about diets again until after the new year, but we've got to start somewhere, and all signs point to Paleo. According to Google's annual trend report, the no-carb, meat-heavy lifestyle was the most-searched diet of 2013. Honestly, we think we know why -- unlike juice cleanses, or the perplexing Dukan diet that was all the rage earlier this year, eating Paleo sounds like something we could actually maintain without starving to death, or worse, sacrificing our social lives.   read more


December 30, 2013  |   7:12 AM  |  1 COMMENT
7 Winter Diet Tips Nutritionists Swear By

It's never a big shocker. As the first blasts of cold air swoop in, your clothes lose some wiggle room and your pants require a bit more muscle-power to close. Blame the dryer all you want, but there's just something about Old Man Winter that makes us sluggish, constantly hungry (for all the wrong things), a little pudgier -- and in need of some diet tips that work.   See tips


December 26, 2013  |  10:12 AM  |  24 COMMENTS
We Want to Know About Your Dieting Habits

So how do you work to take a few pounds off? Please share your opinions in this very brief survey   read more


November 14, 2013  |   9:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Halloween Trivia: Fun Candy Facts We Bet You Don't Know

Since today is widely acknowledged as the only day during which it's perfectly acceptable to sit at your desk and scarf down an entire plastic pumpkin full of high-fructose corn syrup offerings, we thought it'd be only fitting (and fun) to shed the light on some interesting, little known, candy facts.   read more


October 31, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Want to Burn 30,000 Calories Without Breaking a Sweat? It's a Cinch

If you're looking for a simple way to burn more calories each day, you're going to want to write a thank you note to the researchers at the University of Chester who discovered that it's as easy as getting off your butt for three hours every day.   read more


October 23, 2013  |  10:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
New Study: Oreos Are as Addictive as Cocaine (Duh)

A study conducted at Connecticut College has determined that Oreos, America's favorite cookies, are as addictive as cocaine and morphine. To lab rats, anyway.   read more


October 16, 2013  |   7:10 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
Holiday Cocktails for the Hostess Who Hates to Cook

I love the holidays, and I love playing hostess. But one place where my enthusiasm wanes is the kitchen. I don't know about you, but sweating off my makeup over a pan of gravy or spending the next day scrubbing turkey gizzard out from under my nails does not say "fun" to me. Course, that doesn't mean the holidays have to be a total party bust.   read more


October 12, 2013  |  12:10 PM  |  4 COMMENTS
'Water is Fattening' and Other Century-Old Diet Tips

At the turn of the last century, long before there were the Atkins, Caveman and South Beach diets, folks with concerns about their waistlines turned to the   read more


October 11, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  COMMENT

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