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Men vs. Women: Who Takes Longer to Get Ready?

The results of a new poll may surprise you -- and provide you with some handy, dandy ammo

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It's a stereotype as old as "Father Knows Best;" Women take forever to get ready. Right? You've seen the scenario countless times ...

[Interior hallway; early evening]

Jim: "Hi Mr. Smith, is Jill ready for the dance?"

Mr. Smith: "Why, no son, (chuckle, wink) she's still upstairs putting on her face, why don't we go into the den and stare awkwardly at each other until she manages to extricate herself from her vanity table."

[Cue: laugh track]

Yuk, yuk, YUCK.

The good thing about stereotypes -- the great thing actually -- is when they're proven to be nothing but, well, stereotypes, myopic, one-sided, errant views of something. And, for today's purposes, we'd like nothing more than to shatter the one that we tender-sweet young things take an inordinate amount of time getting "ready."

According to a joint study conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov, designed to find out once and for all which sex takes longer prepping to leave the house, it turns out that both men and women primp for exactly the same amount of time. (That sound you hear is me gloating in my curlers.)

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1,000 American adults were polled to see how long they preen before leaving for the day and "both 52 percent of men and 52 percent of women said it took them 10-30 minutes." The disparity only widened when it came to grooming for a night out which saw the numbers shift slightly. (58 percent of men and 42 percent of women take 10-30 minutes to prep, while 42 percent of women took more than half an hour -- but, hey, you try doing a decent smoky eye and flat ironing your hair in the time in takes to apply some nasty-smelling Axe.)

So, next time some (your?) dude gives you grief about having to wait for you to alight from your boudoir at long last, I'd like you to shoot him this link or, at the very least, point out that his nose hairs could use some serious trimming.

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