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  • Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask

    You know, I've never been fond of anything sticking to my skin and ripping it off because it reminds me of bandages that have melted and adhered so that it can be excruciating to remove. Fortunately, this is milder than that except around my hair line so don't get this product near it because it'll tug quite well and it hurts! The formula comes out as a gel paste, thick and creamy, and dries to a film that you have to peel off. The thicker the application, the longer to dry but when you remove it, you'll find that it had taken away dead skin cells for better renewal and those dreadful blackheads! I just didn't like pulling it off and feeling some of the stinging because it does cling well after it has dried. But in this case, no pain - no gain! I must admit though the scent was not very appetizing but the results are well worth withstanding the odor and nor it is really too bothersome.

    July 15, 2013

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  • Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash with Nutriummoisture

    I wouldn't exactly call this an exfoliating body wash because the beads are hardly numerous enough to get around once this slathers onto the skin which actually can benefit sensitive skin like Dove products really tend to. My experience with this is that it doesn't overdry the skin like many other scrubs or exfoliating formulas do in the market and the scent is clean, not overpowering. The lather works great because it isn't too thick in formulation making the scrub beads actually able to buff around a bit. Using this with a loofah or a bath pouf will help the exfoliation better by buffing off the top layer of dead skin cells that the beads can not and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.

    May 6, 2013

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  • Revlon ColorSilk

    Revlon ColorSilk

    Revlon Knows Beauty On a Budget

    This has a price you can't refuse so why not try it? I'm glad I did. For about three to five dollars, this box delivered the same quality hair dye that even the expensive ones deliver but the catch? It drips. You'd have to surround floors and surfaces with protective barriers like newspapers or plastic, anything that will keep things from staining because this one is so much more fluid than cream that it will splat anywhere and everywhere and drip from your locks. The conditioner is in a baggie instead of a tube which I wish was contained in a tube because that would mean more uses out of it and no leakage but regardless, the conditioner only provided me one use for my long hair anyway. I found that if this gets on skin that it will stain more than any other hair dye I've gotten on me and far more difficult to remove so be very careful! It didn't leave my hair feeling damaged like other certain hair dyes have in the past but that doesn't mean this doesn't do any damage at all because all dyes and any chemical treatment will do so to hair no matter what. But after washing off the dye and conditioning, I like that my hair felt soft and could be easily styled because it wasn't so dried out that it would frizz up and basically be hard to manage. This is definitely more bang for your buck.

    April 29, 2013

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  • Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent

    One word. Caustic. This formula is an astringent meaning that it contains more alcohol than a toner does and my sensitive skin turned bright red after using this. Two days later, my skin began to flake and peel immensely that I couldn't conceal any patches of dried skin. It was a terrible feeling and sight that my skin was shedding and it overdried my oily skin which means this is too harsh. If you have any acne or broken skin, this will painfully aggravate your skin as it is not gentle at all. I also found the scent of the formula very much similar to an old stocked medicine cabinet. Don't damage your skin by saturating and drying it with alcohol, stick to something that contains less of alcohol and more gentle ingredients. I'd steer clear of important events if I were anyone trying this out the first time as it makes skin look uncontrolled. Don't put it near my skin!

    February 8, 2013

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  • Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

    This is a great sheen lipgloss that can be layered over lipstick or worn alone and will not cause chapped lips. This is a very chic tube of lipgloss and high quality formula that will not fade in a few minutes, it does last through out the day with minimal touch ups. I enjoy their various colors and a hint to making the most out of it is applying it in the middle of your lips and spreading it outwards from there and then adding a lighter shade or a clear shade in the middle and press your lips for an instant plumping pout. A tube of this lasts me months because a little bit does go a long way and it's not a formula that is overly gloppy and dry, sticky, or feathering.

    November 9, 2012

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  • Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo

    For a salon product, I would expect to see a difference. However, I did not other than just the feeling of softness. This did add softness but at the end of the shower and a brush later, I found my hair more frizzier than it usually compared to the shampoo/conditioner I was already using. This does have a light pleasant scent that isn't overpowering but I wouldn't say this is the greatest product in the market but it would depend on your hair type. I already have long straight, moderately frizzy hair and I use smoothing or silkening conditioners to nourish and maintain and decrease the frizz. The texture is similar to a facial cream and it does coat the hair well almost like a mask but after rinsing it, the properties of this product didn't have a lasting effect on my hair and wasn't able to withstand humid weather conditions.

    August 2, 2012

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  • Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Eau de Parfum Spray

    Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Eau de Parfum Spray

    Darling Scent That Flutters Into the Air

    Repackaged into a more modern design and replacing the spritzer into a more micronized disperser was a good idea considering their old glass vials for this seemed a bit too traditional for VS' new releases. This scent is light and although it is possible to overdo, a maximum of three or four sprays around the whole body can turn heads as I've been asked what it was they were smelling as I walked into a room a couple times and asked for the name of the perfume complimenting me on how great it was. In my opinion though, I feel as though I've experienced perfumes similar to it that had longer lasting impact than this as I've noticed it just disappears after a while so spending more money on this versus the body spray seems more impractical than anything else. It is a good size to keep in your purse or for traveling around however if you feel as if the body spray is just too large but keep in mind, it'll cost you a bit more. I'm rate it a seven for it's own advantages but it's short of spectacular if you ask me.

    February 6, 2012

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  • bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer

    bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer

    Organic Like Moisturizer, You Wouldn't Pollute Your Face, Would You?

    Preservatives can kiss my face goodbye! Fragrance, oil, parabens, don't even bother. This is a natural primer that contains no toxins that is harmful to the skin or body. I enjoy having this around as I've also found that it soothed any redness I may have before foundation appliction and I have to say that it creates the most flawless application ever. It made my makeup look like a second skin and in no way did this irritate me. If it did anything to my skin particularly, I'll state that the condition it is in right now is better than it was before Prime Time. The main ingredient in primers are dimethicone and for something that can be compared to Smashbox or Laura Mercier, this one wins over the points for being closer inside the budget bracket. Now, for the performance, I've found that this performs just as well if not even better than Smashbox Photo Finish Light for almost half the price and about the same amount. What you're really pulling out the bills out of the bank account for is the main ingredients that perform the most important tasks when it comes to makeup and this does just what it is supposed to without the harsh additives. I've found my skin less irritated, less congested, and less broken out with the use of this and people don't realize that primers are skin protectants so it is quite vital to use one to keep skin looking and being healthy but why not make the better choice of choosing the least hazardous, ultimate performing, and promising primer. One pump for the whole face is all that is really needed, a little goes a long way and makeup lasts longer all day. One word of caution though, if you have oily skin and/or on hot days you tend to find that you're shiny, this doesn't do too much from preventing that but it does aid in keeping makeup looking fresh so I suggest blotting if you're wearing primer instead of powder because it may just cake on and look unnatural.

    May 9, 2011

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  • Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss

    This lipgloss has lightweight non-sticky texture that glides easily onto the lips without making it too wet. The colors are sheer enough to wear alone or over lipstick. It's long lasting and it doesn't give me chapped lips like some lip products do after a few hours. The colors are all very flattering and neutral, not over dramatic. The sponge applicator helps application precise and not smothering the lip with too much product like some brushes do. This is an excellent top grade cosmetic product that will match up to the department store brands; definitely up to par.

    June 2, 2010

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  • Pantene Pro-V Detangling Light Conditioning Mist

    Love silky smooth hair without being so maintainence? This is it right here; at least, this worked for me. I love how saturating your hair with this leaves it silky and very soft when it dries whether you are blow or air drying, this doesn't disappoint. This is an inexpensive hair product that tames manes without lugging around a guilty price tag and the best part is that isn't overdrying or even the smallest bit stiff, not at all. There's hardly a scent left on the hair but that's an advantage for me because I like to be scented with all kinds of things but hair products aren't exactly one of them unless it was something I was precisely attracted to. The bottle lasts so long as well because I remember having this around the summer when my hair is extremely fried from sun and heat exposure and during the rainy days of fall when it has kept it's sheen even from being dampened from the rain, this kept it from making my hair look crumpled.

    May 4, 2010

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