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  • Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

    Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

    Hard to peel off, but good temporary results

    Since it is quite thin, I had to use a generous amount of the product to create a thick layer. While it was easy to spread and apply evenly, it was not easy to peel-off the mask. I tried to use it for all over the face (except eye area, lips and hairline), and a little bit of the chin area. I waited about 30 min for it to dry. Some did not come off, so I had to wash my face to remove the remaining pieces. Once the mask was removed completely, my skin was definitely smooth (the mask also removed some of my fine unwanted facial hair). Even though the whole process was a bit time consuming for me and I wish the texture was a tad thicker, I like how this masks made my skin feel smoother and softer. Since my experience of this mask is based only on its sample tube, I cannot say that it gave me “Luminizing” effects.

    August 31, 2012

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  • Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream

    Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream

    Soothing metal tip applicator

    What I like about this eye cream is the metal massaging tip applicator. It gives a cool sensation to the skin around my eyes. It feels good. Even if this product turns out not to diminish all of my eye area problems, I really like how the metal applicator feels around my eyes. ;) I also like the fact that the cream does not irritate my eyes at all (but I don’t have sensitive skin to begin with). The cream is not too heavy, hydrates well, and has a very light scent that does not bother me at all. After about two weeks, I could see that it de-puffed my under-eye bags pretty good, but not completely. I noticed only slight improvement on my dark circles. Unfortunately, it has not done much to my crow's feet. However, according to the fact sheet, "Results reported after a four-week consumer study" (it’s been about three weeks). I may see (I hope) more significant differences in one – two more weeks later.

    August 10, 2012

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  • Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths

    Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths

    Not my favorite Olay cleansing cloths

    I used to use Olay Daily Facials Clarity Lathering Cloths when I travel, and I liked them. But since I cannot find them anymore, I've been shopping around for cleansing cloths. These clothes are certainly convenient and easy to use. This Olay facial cleanser claims that it fights 7 signs of aging. I just want my cleansing cloths to remove makeup and clean my face effectively, but I thought it would be really nice if their claims were true. Unfortunately, after I finished the whole package, I did not see any improvement on my wrinkles, lines, or uneven skin tone. I guess I should not rely on cleansing cloths only to do miracle cures. ;) Anyhow, the directions say "no lathering or rinsing required". Yeah, these cloths did not foam up well, but still managed to remove some makeup. However, it was a bit weak on removing my mascara and other eye makeup. I had to use eye makeup remover after using these cloths. Also, I had to rinse and use a toner because I felt that it left some residues on my face when I did not rinse. I have a feeling that this cloths may be more effective on dry skin since their cleansing power is mild. I like another Olay's cleansing cloths such as Deep Cleansing Cloths for Combination/Oily Skin much better.

    June 19, 2012

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  • Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash

    Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash

    Love as moisturizing body wash, but I can't verify toning effect

    The scent: Lovely. It reminds me of Dove Cool Moisture Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash very much. Thus, this is great for those (including me!) who love their Cool Moisture Cucumber & Green Tea line. The texture/formula: Rich and creamy. A small amount lathers very well, and it is enough to wash my entire body. It cleanses mildly and rises off easily. Also, it does not leave a sticky residue on my skin (FYI, I have dry skin). The effects: Since it does not dry- out my skin, I feel my skin hydrated and slightly softer. I have been using this body wash for 10 days now. However, I cannot confirm about firming and toning my skin to this day (that's why I don't give a perfect score).

    June 5, 2012

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  • Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash With NutriumMoisture

    This Grapefruit & Lemongrass body wash smells really good, refreshing and invigorating, and it does not smell like citrus scented cleaning products. It lathers and cleanses well. It is aromatic as Bath & Body Works' signature shower gel, but this one is more moisturizing, and of course, more affordable. I would give a perfect rating of 10 but I find Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash a even better product.

    May 8, 2012

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  • Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock for Face

    Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock for Face

    Not the Best SPF 55 Sunblock

    A few months ago some of my friends and I discussed which sunblock is better and more effective, Aveeno or Neutrogena? There was no clear winner. I am a Neutrogena fan, but since the price ranges of Aveeno vs Neutrogena are almost identical, I gave this (SPF 55) a try. This sunblock smells similar to Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, which is light but distinctive. This Aveeno sunblock is thicker but surprisingly absorbs pretty good, but I feel my skin looks a bit more shinier. Also I notice that it is weaker against water. Although this is better than many sunblock lotions that I used before, I find Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 a superior sunblock, which is lighter and more water/sweat resistant, and has even better absorption.

    April 16, 2012

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  • Aveeno Skin Relief Bath Treatment

    Many years ago I was even stupider because I did not bother to use sunscreen. My skin got red and itchy and even some parts were peeling after sunbathing. It was a bit painful to take a warm shower. That was the reason my friend picked this box of Aveeno Anti-itch Bath Treatment for me. My skin redness did not go away completely, but definitely reduced, and more importantly it relieved itchiness. I was not too crazy about the oatmeal scent, but the smell was not too intense. BTW, I also tried Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment when I got skin hives a few years back, and it worked as good as this one.

    April 13, 2012

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  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

    Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

    Affordable oil blotting sheets

    Oil blotting paper is always in my bag or makeup bag, especially in summer. This Clean & Clear one may not be the best out oil absorbing paper out there (this feel a bit more plastic than Biore Shine Control Oil Blotting Sheets), but definitely one of the cheapest ones. It helps remove excess oil and dirt. but often one sheet is not enough for me, and also depending on a type of foundation, this sheet does take off some foundation.

    March 16, 2012

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  • bareMinerals Get Started Kit

    After years having seen and heard about bareMinerals, one day I finally gave in. I was very skeptical. I tried a few drugstore brands mineral powder foundations, but none of them really convinced me. Until I met bareMinerals!! I purchased the 9-piece Get Started Kit because this kit was a much better deal than buying each of them separately. It included two different Original SPF 15 foundations (Medium, Medium Beige), Warmth, Mineral Veil, 3 brushes, Brush conditioning shampoo, and a DVD. Medium Beige fits to my skin tone. I wish it came with a primer, instead of a DVD or shampoo for brush. Without applying primer, foundation does not do well with my large pores, and it seems to wear off easily. While I became a big fan of Warmth, I did not see/feel much benefits from Mineral Veil. I already wear layers of stuff (a moisturizer, a primer, a base foundation, Warmth are enough for my routine), that's why I did not feel good adding another powder, especially when I did not see any difference before/after. The two main big brushes are a little bit scratchy, but I like the soft and dense concealer brush. Anyhow, I do like using bareMinerals foundation and Warmth particularly during the hot/humid months. Overall, I am satisfied with this starter kit. Having said that, I cannot completely give up on my liquid foundation yet. I switch back and forth between liquid foundation and mineral powder, depending on the weather and my skin condition.

    March 15, 2012

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  • bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush

    This brush came with the bareMinerals starter kit. I am comfortable with the size. It is not too big like a Kabuki brush, but not too small to be used for all over the face. The brush is not too hard, but definitely not soft either. It picks up a good amount of mineral foundation. Oh yes, it has already shed a few hairs but fortunately my brush still looks full....so far. I have not cleaned it with their bonus item, "Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo", and I wonder if the shampoo would make the brush more bristle.

    March 13, 2012

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