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  • John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Conditioner

    I received a sample packet of this conditioner and coordinating shampoo in my Target beauty bag full of delicious samples and it was a TREAT on my hair! I absolutely LOVED how decadent this product made my lush, curly hair and it lasted for THREE DAYS before I had to wash it again! I only got two washes out of the packets, because my hair is long and thick, but it was a MIRACLE IN A PACKET! Three days is a LONG time to be able to last without a conditioning wash for my thick and springy curls, so it was a vacation to be able to sit back and relax and just watch my hair do' it's natural thing! :) I used it the day after I got my hair trimmed (I have been trying to grow out the dead-ends and color-killed split ends for about a year- I consistently dyed and then heat-styled my hair daily for over half a year previously and am now allowing my hair to recover and be its natural self!) Anyway I used this shampoo and conditioner and then allowed it to dry after applying my It's a 10 miracle styling cream, and I'd say I absolutely LOVED the way my hair felt all day- and for the next three days for that matter! Miracle in a packet, when I run out of my usual products I will most likely purchase a bottle of each! I did some research and found it is not too expensive!

    November 22, 2011

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  • Dove White Beauty Bar

    Dove White Beauty Bar

    A Lifesaver :)

    When I was younger, I looked up to the girls who shopped at Bath & Body Works monthly to stock up on their personal "signature scent" sets that had all the perks of matching body wash/soap with their bubble bath, hand and body lotions, body spray and body shimmer sprays that all helped enhance their favorite smells so that they would last all day long. I longed for this, so knowing this my family helped supply my yearn by gifting me with fanciful body washes with little to no moisturizing power- only good smells mixed in. Well to my surprise one day I woke up before a long day at school and jumped in the shower (like any other day) and when I used my exfoliating, shimmering, bubbling body wash that smelled SO delicious (and clashed with my perfume, deodorant and hair products, I might add!) I ended up breaking out with little bumps all over my hands, arms, legs, chest and face (not acne). So I skipped school and headed straight to the dermatologist to learn that I had eczema. Upon learning this I immediately cleaned out my bathroom and bedroom of all "fanciful" products such as fancy-packaged body washes and tutti fruity lotions and asked my mother her suggestion. She reminded me that as a pre-teen I only ever was allowed to use Dove beauty bar soap because from a baby my skin as been sensitive. She gave me an unused, newly packaged beauty bar from her six-pack in the bathroom closet and from that day forward my eczema began to clear up. It has been a few years since then and I have only ever had eczema on my legs (due to shaving, of course!) Dove soap saved my skin (and my life!) by moisturizing me with its loving ingredients and gentle formula! I cannot thank the makers of Dove beauty bars enough and all I ask of them is to never discontinue the original Beauty bar! :) I use it daily in the shower, I use it to wash my face morning and night and it has not once caused me a problem! Not only did my eczema clear up by my acne is now under control (not gone, as I still wear make-up which inevitably causes a flare-up from time to time no matter how "non-acnegenic" it is). I am so thankful that I am using such a beautiful product that has such a gentle but charming, soft scent that I can shower and know that I smell good or I can spritz my favorite perfume and not have it clash with the way the rest of my body smells from bathing! It makes a great lather, I use it on my face at least twice a day and it never dries it out! I love the light scent that acts as a great base for my perfume, and although I use Dry Idea AdvanceDry antiperspirant to control my sweating I have learned to use Dove deodorant in an original, powder or lemon-pomegranate scent over top of the Dry Idea (after it dries) to help smell better in case I do sweat! Overall, I must say that I absolutely love the Dove Beauty Bar as well as Dove Deodorants, but it's the beauty bar that has been a lifesaver and a staple in my personal care product cabinet for years now! They also offer coupons in the paper for usually $1.00 off a three or six bar pack, which is what I usually buy because I'd hate for my mom and I to run out of this beautiful, gentle soap! I come from a long line of family members (mostly women) with sensitive and/or dry skin and Dove soap has been trusted by all of us ever since we found it! I'm not sure exactly how it was introduced in our family but I am thankful for that day & I am thankful for this lovely soap - Thank you, Dove creators, for saving my skin! :)

    November 11, 2011

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  • Paris Hilton Fairy Dust Eau de Parfum

    Paris Hilton Fairy Dust Eau de Parfum

    I love this perfume! My go-to perfume!

    I got this perfume as a gift, and I also received with it three travel-sized glass bottles of it for my purse and travel luggage bags as well as a cute little hand-held blue mirror shaped like the perfume bottle! I must say, though, that this is an absolutely beautiful scent! I love how light and airy it smells- not outdoorsy airy, but feminine-like airy :) It is a whimsical and young scent, so for older women who are looking for a strong and "power-to-the-woman" kind of perfume, this is not it! However, for the shy girl who still wants to make an entrance, or the sweet flirty girl who loves to be seen, this is definitely a go-to for your "I don't know what scent to wear today" dilemmas! That's exactly what I use it for! I usually use this for everyday wear, and for special occasions such as dates with my fiance or holiday gatherings I will wear Guess Gold and up my anti! For women who are looking for a stronger, bolder and more strengthening scent I suggest Queen by Queen Latifah - I will be reviewing that, too, as I received that set of perfume and body lotion as a gift as well! While I absolutely love experimenting with perfumes and scents, I seem to always want to come back to Fairy Dust for a step into a magical, whimsical setting! :)

    November 11, 2011

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  • CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm

    CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm

    My new go-to lip product! :)

    While I refuse to use lip stains and lipstick doesn't last long for me unless I blot after applying, I found this in-between [lipstick and lip balm] little product from Covergirl that I received for free from Teen Vogue as a sample a few months ago (in the summer)! I received it in hibiscus and absolutely loved it! I have since then bought three new tubes, one in hibiscus (being my favorite), one in tulip and one in anemone and I must admit that I love them all equally! They are infused with mango so they moisturize my always-seemingly-dry lips and make them look smooth and kissable even if they are chapped! What I really loved about this product is that I can be running late one day, rushing out the door and apply this lip "gloss balm" on my way to school and work and it doesn't give me "kool-aid mouth" nor does it smudge onto my teeth or gloss over my cupid's bow while I talk or drink from a water bottle like most lipsticks tend to do when I wear them. Overall, all I can say is that I really love this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants the quick and easy freedom of a "childhood" lip gloss without the childish flair (aka big globs, chunky glitter, bad taste, etc.), the ability to apply a lip color on-the-go and to those who love to try new products! Yes, they're a little pricey but Covergirl usually offers coupons in Sunday papers where I live, so as long as I clip coupons before running errands on Sundays I can usually pick up my favorite shades while I'm out and about! On a final note I must also say that I love how pulled-together it can make me look even if I'm only wearing it with my bare-minimum make up look (i.e. foundation & cover-up on blemishes, upper eyelid eyeliner & mascara) - just taking that extra five seconds to apply this gloss-balm makes me look as though I searched all day for that perfect shade of lipstick to pull my look together! It's especially great while I'm out and about grocery shopping or running from class to class and want to look presentable but not too overdone! Highly recommended! :)

    November 11, 2011

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