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  • Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

    Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

    Kiehl's is the best I've tied in my 30 years!

    The Kiehl's is absolutely the best! It is a superb deodorant and antiperspirant. I have VERY sensitive skin and am a professional ballerina of 6 years (been doing ballet 17 years) as well as an Ashtanga (super fast cardio-vascular-workout ancient yoga) and Bikram (ancient hot yoga- the kind that makes you sweat like crazy because it must be done at a minimum of 98 degrees F) instructor of 5 years (been doing yoga 11 years). I go to work to dance and do yoga every day. I also live in Austin, Texas, where it is between 69 degrees F and 101 degrees F on a regular basis and regular year (not including insane freak years where it's even hotter and you're luck if it's 95) in the months of: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October and the Southwestern sun is bright and blaring, so intense, burning your skin and causing massive amounts of horrible odor and people to drip in sweat. In my 30 years of health-conscience and highly physically active life (raised by athletic hippies who believe in natural and organic, and I admit I do as well), I have tried at least 70 various remedies to take care of odor and sweat, including prescription deodorant-antiperspirant from dermatologists, everything natural, pretty much everything chemical including men's...you name it. Finally I found Kiehl's 2 years ago through my friend's recommendation. Finally, zero irritation, 24 hour (it really does last 24 hours unlike so many that claim to, it's amazing, I only have to put it on once every morning after I shower and towel-dry! Incredible!) effectiveness for both odor and sweat control, allows for a little bit of sweat as it should (be suspicious if your product doesn't let you sweat under your armpits or elsewhere at all and you've been doing activities that should cause sweat, or in heat that should cause sweat...total blockage of sweating can contribute to cancer! Scientific fact)...yet I never have a spot on my lovely dance costumes, my T-shirts, my yoga clothes, my evening gowns, my long-sleeves in the winter (it can get down to 30 here in December-February) or for workouts or most important performances, or even just for fashion fun...never a spot! Pretty amazing. And with no sleeves, it doesn't show either. I can tell I am sweating a bit but it's not gonna be like "OH MY GOD THAT GIRL IS SWEATING!" to anybody- barely noticeable! And I smell so much better. I feel so much better. It is mostly natural ingredients combined with some chemicals used in prescriptions, but with a bit less strength- though still very effective and strong! If I can do hot yoga for 5 hours without getting smelly, or any residues or spots, we know it's working! Goes on very smoothly, feels like cream, feels very pleasant and lovely. Is basically unscented, if you smell anything it would be the bit of citrus fruits such as orange and lemon extracts they use. They also use Linseed extract. It's a light pleasant smell, very light, and the product itself is very light, it feels like it's not there! It also has witch hazel which plant extract has been used for centuries to purify and tone skin, kill fungi and bateria, help cleanse he pores- and it works! It also has Aluminum Chlorohydrate which is a gentle, yet effective aluminum salt that is used to formulate antiperspirants, and Propylene Glycol which is a moisture carrying ingredient in skin care. It acts as a humectant by absorbing water from the air. It penetrates the upper layers of the skin well and leaves a nice feel. Kiehl's has helped me with shaving and waxing, has made my skin softer, more hydrated, nicer, better-looking, better-feeling...it's worth the price! And never ever an irritation. Can't recommend enough. I'll go through 2 a month of the two point five fl. oz. tube which is mentioned here for $19 even (hey, y'all forgot to mention that they also have a one point seven fl. oz. for $15 even- of course the $19 is the better deal but if you're hesitant I suppose go for the smaller one). I recommend going to their website to see stores near you that carry it. I was really surprised to learn that 6 stores (all small, locally owned little stores, not the chain ones- you won't find these products at Walmart, Target, or any chain except Neiman Marcus)....and my city really isn't all that big and certainly not known for being a beauty care hub, LOL! With tax for me it comes out to $19.20 at the local stores. My little niece who is 12 just started using deodorant and she, her mom, and her dad (and me of course) are all very, very pleased to have something so gentle and nice and effective- her mom uses it as well, and so does *shock* her dad. It is definitely female-targeted and has more of a girly smell but again is so lightly scented that it's not a big deal, and instead of floral, it is citrus fruit, so a lot men like it as well. Even my brother does! He used to use Tom's but as people mentioned...unfortunately it isn't effective. It's lovely that it's natural and family-owned, but it just doesn't work well or sometimes at all. People have commented since I started using Kiehl's that I "smell nice" maybe they mean I don't smell anymore lol but I have noticed that overall I smell nicer, naturally, I believe the natural ingredients are doing the trick! :) Go for Kiehl's over Tom's or anything else- got skin problems, like I do? No problem (finally). :) After I tried it the first time 2 years ago, I was hooked. It took a couple of weeks to find out just the right amount to put on, then I got it, and have been clear ever since. I've used it every day for the past 2 years and plan to continue using it forever! Excellent article by the way, I agree with all the worst and best mentioned entirely. Very impressed. And if you have dry skin, fear not! Unlike most products, it doesn't dry your skin out! :)

    June 23, 2012

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