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About Me

Hi, I'm Kacie. I LOVE beauty. I'm best with makeup, but I'm good with hair and skin care as well. I'm a freshman at a vocational highschool and I take Culinary. Cosmotology is my second love. Here, I'll put myself in a nutshell :) I'm single, and completely in love with a man who uses me. 

Me in a nutshell.

Hi :-) 

I'm the girl who is best friends with a guitar and (tries) to write songs about everything. 

I love people who are nice to me

Because I'm not that complicated, all you need to do to be my friend is like me. 

My middle name is Renee and I love it ♥

My ideal outfit is a good pair of jeans, a cozy sweater and any shoe with a good heel :)

I love surprises. No, seriously.

I like people who are excitable. I love it when people cry when they're happy. I'm pretty excitable too. 

I wear too many necklaces and I can't concentrate on the conversation if the TV's on, or if I have a view of the sky... I love the sky ♥

I like people who can be sarcastic and laugh about and during tense situations. 

I like to read up on weird medical problems, so if one of my friends ever complains of a headache or stomach ache, I'm probably going to spout off 12 different things that could be wrong with them. Because I'm way paranoid. 

I think Christina Aguilera is the most amazing person ever ♥

I don't like making decisions when I don't have to. So right now my toenails are painted 5 different colors. 

I need everything to be organized. All the time. But it's weird because my room is a mess.. I just like to plan months ahead & I have lists EVERYWHERE.

I think little kids are awesome. Sometimes...

I'm a thinker and an over-analyzer.

I love the little things in life. Like big ceramic bowls at Marshall's with strawberries on them.

British people fascinate me.

I like warm weather. Just kidding, hot weather. Like... really hot...

Summer is great and I love it for every reason you should, but I adore winter. (ice-skating, skiing, hockey, HOT COCOA!) Except I hate the cold... and snow... except when its snowing..which makes no sense but.. whatever..

I love laughter and funny people. I am intrigued by humor.

I have a lot of pride. (sometimes)

Joy is a very important thing to me.

Creativity and passion is a necessity in my book.

I'm very generous.

I enjoy the theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colors & extremely inexpensive things.

I like using & instead of "and" but I always forget to...

I choose the long road.

I give 75% and expect 25% in return.

I am a more direct person and like to work out problems immediately.

Daydreaming is my hobby.

I tend to look at the world in rosy colors, and treat people kindly. 

I am sensitive, though I may present a tough exterior to the world. 

It tears me up inside to fight with my friends and family. 

Love challenges. LOVE EM' . lol

I am a traditionalist at heart.

I'm addicted to candy. Of any kind. Except Butterfinger... Grr... So... if you ever want to buy me a gift..... haha, or anything with a diamond!! Or sparkles in general :)

I care about other people and can be counted on in a pinch.

I won't give up until I've achieved all that I wanted to do!

I am off-the-wall and creative.

I am very spontaneous.

I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio. ♥ A LOT. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am convinced something good always happens eventually.

I love being in front of a crowd.

I care about what people think of me, but I don't let that rule me.

I'm very optimistic.

I'm very honest... maybe too honest...

I'm a quick learner!

I have a loving nature and respond to those around me. I am concerned about others more than myself, & I'm generally outgoing with a great respect for my fellow humans.

I have difficulty explaining ideas verbally. ( I talk with my hands... A LOT.)

I look for patterns.

My eyes are always smiling, crying, doing anything to explain myself.

I like to dance in the rain.

I love hearts! ♥

I either don't dot my 'I' s or I dot them with hearts! ♥

I love hockey! Especially the Bruins! ♥ WOOO!

My favorite colors are either the combination of pink and black, purple and black, or red and black, but I also like white because of it's infinite possibilities.

My favorite food is.. umm... well I don't really know! Oreos maybe? Cheesecake? Pizza? OOH. Rigatoni Alfredo! No, wait.. Quesadillas! No.. Tacos! Hmm... Twizzlers? Ugh... haha I like food.

I love Christmas.

I like riding on the back of my Dad's motorcycle and playing tennis.

I like old movie theaters, and being in New Hampshire. Especially in North Conway or at Weirs Beach!!! ♥

My favorite thing to do is have sleepovers with my best friends where we stay up all night and talk about EVERYTHING. ( Especially having vent sessions and ending up crying, then going to get more popcorn, tripping and dying of laughter.)

I'm a complete and utter klutz. 

^ No, seriously.

^^ I fall down.

^^^ A LOT.

^^^^ & walk into things.

^^^^^ & smack my hands and face off of things.

^^^^^^ A LOT.

I like to write stories about what happened that day, then turn it into a fairytale.

I love Les Paul guitars and really wish I had one but I love my baby. My G-400 Limited Edition 1966 from Epiphone in cherry red.

I adore Taylor Swift's Silver Rhine- stoned acoustic guitar.

I don't have a favorite song. TOO MANY!!

I like personalized things!

I love Titanic, Burlesque, What A Girl Wants and Finding Nemo.

I like funny people.

I say I hate my dogs... but I would cry so hard if anything happened to them...

My favorite number is 3 or any number with in it. (it's lucky! Even 13!)

I love squirrels. ♥ A lot... lol...

I think butterflies and dragonflies are beautiful.

I wish all teenagers can filter through songs instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. 

I'm intimidated by the fear of being average ~ (Taylor Swift)

I'm 5'3' 1'2''

My best friend is Catherine Elizabeth Harvey.

My twitter name is ItsKacieMiller

I secretly love Britney Spears from the 90's/early 00's

I began playing guitar when I was 7 1/2


I have flat feet.

I have pretty good eyesight.

I taught myself to play guitar.

I love big, fuzzy blankets. I get cold a lot.

I love dancing ♥

I can't wait to drive.

This is obnoxiously long.

Okay! BYE! ♥


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