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  • Bliss FatGirlSleep

    Bliss FatGirlSleep

    I hate to say anything bad abotu bliss but...

    This didn't work for me and it smelled bad. I applied everynight until it ran out and it did nothing. Perhaps I have more stomach fat than the average lady. Perhaps the idea of a cream that will make your tummy disappear is ill-concieved. I would never buy this again. It gets two stars simply because its from bliss.

    January 20, 2009

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  • Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud

    Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud

    Worth every penny

    I dutifully followed the directions which specifically cautioned against using the earthy smelling mineral mud on the face. I began by painting my freshly showered body with a mud mock turtleneck, low-rise belt, and elbow length ballgown gloves. Then I colored in between said accessories until every inch of alarmingly pale skin from the waist up was covered in thick black mossy mud. Having grown up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay I found the smell comforting enough to wonder why its been more than 15 years since I bathed in mud on a daily basis. It is actually quite fun. And the lore of the Dead Sea's healing powers is almost instantly cemented in reality as the skin happily absorbs the moisture revealing a solid dry earth sitting calmly atop newly satiated skin . I feel like a new woman. Enjoy!

    January 8, 2009

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  • Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Revitalizing - Skin Polishing Ritual

    Packed with essential oils of lemon, mandarin, ylang ylang and star anise this fragrant moisturizer is actually more body oil than butter. Much like coconut oil, Crabtree and Evelyn's Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter, is a solid at room temperature but liquefies upon contact with the skin creating a thick sweetly scented substance better suited to a DIY mani pedi or as an alternative to massage oil for those who are averse to the real thing. If however you are more in need of skin polishing rather than skin nourishing simply add the exfoliating spice medley made of ginger root powder, clove powder, cinnamon bark powder, nutmeg fruit powder, powdered luffa fruit fibers, and kuki seed oil. The enclosed ceramic bowl hints at the traditional spice bowls of the far off lands these ingredients call home and earth muffins rest assured, there are no parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, propylene glycol or artificial colorants.

    December 19, 2008

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  • IQ Derma Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel

    IQ Derma Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel

    A cellulite cream that works, honest.

    I have been biting my tongue because I really really really hated the idea of writing about cellulite creams - or more specifically my personal experience with cellulite creams. Until now all I could have really said would have been something like, 'I have cellulite. Creams don't work.' Not exactly riveting stuff and certainly not worth offering up my body image as a topic of conversation. Perhaps my hesitation on this subject matter comes from the completely terrifying times piece about a certain, now infamous, blogger and her over-sharing. Either way until now, I have somewhat shamelessly attempted to bring you the best products and services (and talk about them the way we women talk about such things.) I have mentioned my permanent Pillsbury-dough-boy-belly, back pimples, nostril waxing, stretch marks, bikini waxing mishaps, hair troubles, neti potting, and numerous other potentially embarrassing subjects. And for some reason completely unknown to me none of that subject matter bothered me. Not even a little bit. When I started receiving cellulite creams to test, my thinking was a little different and went something like this: Thank god none of these are working because there is nothing on God's green earth that is going to get me to write about cellulite. Women should love their bodies regardless of cellulite quantities and men should too. So should I for that matter and clearly I'm not there yet so I'm leaving the whole subject off the table. Forever. Then one day, mostly because I ran out of my usual leg lotion, I tried iQ Derma's Firming Body Gel. Three days later I was going through the pre-poolside, junk in the trunk, check-in. Everything in my body was prepared for the normal quick-check, wince, and turn-back-around-STAT routine. Then it happened. Mid-wince I stopped short, my pivot failed, and I fell into the mirror stunned at what I saw. I involuntarily said out loud - "What the F* is that?" Are those my legs? Less cottage cheesy - more shinny apple skin -like. Couldn't be...the iQ Derma??? Absolute joy overcame me. Am I going to love even my thighs during this pool season? Too good to be true. Then I realized this miraculous product would mean I'd have to write about my cellulite. On Beauty's Spot. On the Internet. Where anyone and everyone can read about it. But it's cellulite cream (well a gel really) and it works. How can I call myself a beauty editor and not share this fabulous thigh and mind altering product? It's like having proof of the Loch Ness monster and keeping it to myself out of some awfully warped sense of pride. So I have to share. Cellulite, less than ideal body image and all. iq derma's firming body gel really truly works to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It's not going to give you Heidi Klum thighs but, if your thighs react like mine, the results will be visible and attractive and astounding.

    August 4, 2008

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  • REMBRANDT┬« Form-Fit Whitening Strips

    THese are not the "trays" of the past. They are a strong plastic that molds to your teeth and produces visable results instantly. It is worth the cost and workd best when used with the 2 hour trays and the touch up pen by the same brand. with the combo of all 3 these is no need to Zoom.

    July 27, 2008

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  • Guinot Hydrazone Body Cream

    I forgive the French for having a million and two ingredients in their skin care products for a few reasons. One, their combination of classic and new plant-based ingredients is extremely effective. Two, the products tend to be luxurious, pampering, and divinely scented. I recently tried Guinot Hydrazone Corps for the first time and I love it. The scent instantly transported me to the first time I played with my grandmother's Clarins cleanser and moisturizer. The scent is floral, sophisticated, and so French. My legs, after slathering them in this decadent body lotion, have the thick healthy glowing skin of French models. Not surprisingly this body lotion is packed with lipids and argon oil that repair skin and a Hydrocyte complex that locks in moisture. My last rave about this product is that the lovely soft pink color is reminiscent of Bermuda's pink sand beaches. Enjoy!

    July 27, 2008

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  • Benefit You Rebel

    Benefit You Rebel

    It'll do in a pinch

    In an ideal world I would only ever use Eminence Organics SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals. They are organic, portable, and the minerals have medicinal properties for problem skin. For days when I don't want to use a powder or when most of my time is spent in the pool or at the beach, I adore Murad's Pomegranate SPF 30 Lotion. But what about days when I want the best of both worlds? What do I do when I want an SPF, moisturizer, and concealer all in one? That is the day to reach for Benefit's You Rebel SPF 15 tinted moisturizer. If you are travelling or mom-ing or over-achieving let this product simplify your life. I wouldn't use it every day because it's a little oily for my skin but on days when your primping time is limited this product really does create a beautiful finish, and provide all the moisture, anti-oxidants, and SPF a busy girl could ask for. For winter or if your skin is more pale, try You Rebel Lite.

    July 27, 2008

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  • Laura Mercier Mineral Primer

    Laura Mercier Mineral Primer

    Travel must-have

    Although I often claim Eminence Organics' Sun Defense SPF 30 is the be all and end all of mineral products, it does in fact have one flaw: the packaging. Do you have any idea what it's like to have found the perfect product (organic, SPF 30, absolutely invisible to the naked eye) and not be able to use it every day because the packaging is so effing impossible? Yes, you're women, of course you do. The Eminence Organics' Sun Defense brush through which the minerals are dispensed is a finicky miserly hag. Most days I fight the good fight or break the brush and MacGyver my way into the mineral treasure chest. On travel days, I don't have the time to mess. Fortunately for you, my dispiriting conundrum has transformed me into a seeker of suitable minerals and/or SPF combinations. My last attempt, while a good piece of the SPF/tint/moisturizer puzzle, left me with uneven coverage and enough oil to solve our current energy crisis. Horror on Connecticut vaccay. Ran back to the city to hunt for minerals. At long last, the Sephora in Union Square provided my sanctuary. After seeking aesthetic solace and testing every available powder with minimal ingredients I discovered, not surprisingly, that the much-hyped Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 won the top prize. The coverage is complete and the final finish is practically perfect. It's not organic but Zinc Oxide and Pearl Powder are the only ingredients. The SPF 15 doesn't measure up to Eminence's SPF 30 but I don't have to break the effing container to apply it either. My skin drinks it in with a calming satisfied ease that assures me it is relatively earth and body friendly. I tried it with a number of different brushes and found the Sephora Brand Platinum

    July 27, 2008

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  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

    Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

    From Face to Foot

    There are so many reasons to check out the website of Yu-Be, the #1 selling moisturizer in Japan. Free samples to anyone in the US. The long long list of other blogs and mags that adore this medicated, vitamin-enriched, Japanese phenom, skin care product. For me however the number one reason seemed to be the realization that Yu-Be is not in fact a foot cream. I suppose I smelled the camphor and assumed the only acceptable place to test this cream was on the part of my body furthest from my nose. Apparently, I can spread the healing powers of Yu Be to every part of my epidermis right up to my cuticles and face. Amazing. I must tell you, I walked 3 miles today in shoes that are nowhere near the neighborhood of walking shoes. I arrived home, still chatting away endlessly on the metallic unsightly appendage otherwise known as my cell phone, and without my knowing it by the end of the conversation I had entirely coated my feet in Yu-Be. They are now fully medicated, fantastic feeling feet. There are days for a luxurious heel glaze, days for a pedi, and then there are days like this - where tired over worked feet need some tough healing treatment (mountain men swear my this stuff).

    July 9, 2008

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  • IQ Derma RestorEyes Firming Eye Therapy

    I thought at 27 years old a restorative eye cream was jumping the gun a little, but after only a few weeks of daily application I look younger, my eyes look brighter, and there is no trace of the crows feet that were treading their way into my skin. Honestly I am kind of amazed at the results. I have been testing a few eye creams since April. Although they all showed prodigious results iQ Derma's Restore Eyes is the only one that feels like plastic surgery in a bottle. In fact upon application it feels only slightly less adhesive than Elmer's glue. Also, I have very sensitive eyes. Mostly if I leave an eye cream on over night somehow it gets into my actual eye ball which then turns red and puffy. Not very professional looking or attractive. Perhaps because of it's adhesive like texture, restore eyes has never done anything but night by night decrease the crows feet and steadily increase the elasticity of the skin around my eyes. They look luminous. I'm not much on self adoration but last night before I went to bed I actually looked at myself in the mirror and thought, huh, I am kind of beautiful. Also, I don't really have a dark circle problem underneath my eyes but at this point if iQ derma says it erases dark circles I believe them. Before I tried Restore Eyes I thought anyone would be insane to pay $85.00 for an eye cream but now I am readjusting the food budget to make room for this product. Also it's much cheaper, less painful, and I'd venture to say better looking than the equivalent plastic surgery.

    June 29, 2008

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