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1 year, 10 months ago
Thoughts on the new community?

Are you guys having a better experience here in the community since our recent update? Thanks for sticking with us as we work out the kinks! Soon we'll be bringing back the features you know and love (formatting, photos, videos -- oh my!) so hang in there on those... but are there any other features or tools you'd love to see us add here? Let me know!

Notifiy me with emails too

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1 year, 9 months ago
Re: Thoughts on the new community?

I was on here a few days ago and saw your reply, Mary. NOW I can't find it, whether I click on the link (it took me to someone else's post!) or view your posts from your profile! All the more reason to stay away for at least a few months, for me. I remember your asking what do I want to see....I already posted dozens of suggestions in the TB Central Forum, going back months. Even back to the time Tracy was still here. I can't think of anything else, except I like how some sites show the last time I logged in, NOT counting this time! I mean, I know I logged in 2 minutes ago! But before that? I don't remember, esp. if it's been months. Showing the exact date and time would be better than "3 months ago." I miss the home page, with notifications of replies to my topics, my friends, and my RSS feeds. I used the feeds to follow topics I didn't start, but now I can't follow ones I did....unless they bring this back. Miss the old tool bar and emoticons to post in the forums. I hope you bring all this back! You used to be able to send messages to members or leave a message on her profile page. A nice feature, I think. As far as the thumbs up/down votes, if you MUST have it, how about having the results visible only to TB staff? Women are catty enough to each other in real life; I don't need it on here, and I'm sure some others feel the same. This used to be my "safe harbor" and I hope it will continue to be. A place where people are nice. The only legit reason I think someone should get a thumbs down is if she's spamming the board, or posted something inappropriate otherwise. Speaking of which, there used to be a link or button "report post" on the old forum. Seems to me it still needs a lot of work! Formatting, too....If this doesn't have paragraph breaks the way I'm typing it, that means the formatting isn't working (yet?). We used to be able to EDIT our posts too, and I also suggested an option to DELETE if you change your mind! All that being said, I'll follow my friend from here to another beauty site in the meantime. Will come back once in a blue moon to see what's different.

1 year, 9 months ago
Re: Re: Thoughts on the new community?
Supernaturalfan posted:

I haven't been on here in a month, as I mainly just come on here to write/read views and for the message boards. I notice that my status or rank is "NEWBIE" I was an "INSIDER", not a Newbie!!! I joined in 2008. Also, what on happened to my friends on my home page???? And how will I know if I get new replies to any discussions I posted? That whole section is gone!!! I think the message boards ARE easier to read, with the contrasting background and bolder font. But I don't see why it's necessary to add a "+/- vote" for someone's post. A plus is fine I guess, but why embarrass someone with a bunch of negative votes on her posts??!! I know you can't see who voted that way, but really? The boards were my favorite part, but now that I know I can get a bunch of thumbs down, I don't know if I want to post I noticed on some old discussions in this forum (6 months or older), the member's name and avatar is missing. You don't know who posted that suggestion. I see this on one of mine. I am reposting this cause it appeared under someone else's post. Also, it didn't show up as the most recent activity in the forum. Someone who posted one day ago does. Also, I can't edit my post like I used to be able to. Are you bringing that back? What is going on?

Thanks for all your hard work!

1 year, 8 months ago
Re: Thoughts on the new community?

I'm just about ready to post my Mary Kay review. Not quite sure exactly where to put it. Anywhere in the review section? I'll poke around a bit and see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

1 year, 10 months ago
Re: Thoughts on the new community?

I like the formatting and layout and that it's easy to use. Everything it organized pretty well by categories.

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