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Sponge or Finger for Foundation Application?

I keep going back and forth with this one because I am told different things all the time.

Is it best to use a sponge for application of liquid foundation or is it better to use your fingers?

I was told by make up artists that it is best to use your finger (as long as you wash your hands) because it applies better and that you don’t waste the product on the sponge absorption.

On the other hand, I was just told by another artist that the sponge is defiantly better because it applies more evenly and gives the skin a more even tone.

Does anyone have advice on this? Or does it really just come down to personal preference?




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1 year, 12 months ago
Personal Preference

You mentioned that you go back and forth between the two, and you haven't noticed any differences between the two? If so, then do which ever one is easier or the one you rather use to apply foundation. 

I definitely think as long as you're washing your hands before you apply makeup, then it's fine to use your fingers to apply foundation. Oh the other hand (haha hand XD), if you feel like using a sponge for a more argubly flawless application, then by all means, use a sponge instead. 


Try using your finger to apply on half your face, and then use a sponge and apply on the other half. Compare the two, see which one works better for you. (Although I suppose you'd have to do this "experiment" twice or even four times, in case there's differeces the right and left hand....). 

Really I'd keep with the cheaper method of using fingers, unless sponges work so much better for you. Or just stay with what you're doing now. Switch back and forth whenever you want! Laughing

1 year, 11 months ago
Re: Sponge or Finger for Foundation Application?

it would depend on what you like :) if ur going for an airbrushed finish, i'd say use a beauty blender. it works wonders and even gets the hard to reach places like around ur nose.

but if u want medium coverage i would say either use your fingers because as you rub the foundation on with ur fingers, it warms up. or you can even use a foundation brush to blot the foundation and then blend with ur fingers.


1 year, 11 months ago
finger or sponge

Whatever works best for the person is what she should use. I personally like to use my finger, I can gauge the amount i use more accurately and therefore blend better.

1 year, 11 months ago
Sponge or Finger for Foundation Application?

I have found that what works best is not just a matter of personal preference, but also varies depending on the foundation.

I generally use my fingers and with creamy, moisturizing, medium to full coverage foundations that works fine.

But i have found that more matte or more sheer foundations/tinted moisturizers, applied with my fingers only, can be uneven or streaky. In those instances, i use a slightly damp sponge wedge to touch up if things aren't too bad, or get out the foundation brush and go over more of my face if it looks very streaky.

1 year, 11 months ago
Re: Sponge or Finger for Foundation Application?

I actually keep switching between sponge, finger and brush! Laughing

I believe the choice depends on what kind of foundation you're using too. All three have certain advantages along with disadvantages. Sponge imho makes one overuse the foundation because large amount of it is being absorbed and doesn't really get on your face. Fingers don't have such problem and to be very honest I'd say that there is no visible difference between applying foundation with sponge/fingers. And it's kinda less hassle since washing fingers is faster and easier than aking care of sponge (brush).

I've learnt about applying foundation with brush just recently, it was some model's advice "for doll look". It actually seem to provide better coverage but at the same time it looks quite unnatural and somehow makes it very noticeable. However, for taking pictures it's absolutely perfect!

I'd say choose for yourself and filter all make up artists' advice, since all of them have their own preferences, often polarly opposite. Choosae whatever you're more comfortable with Smile

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