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Enter to win natural mineral makeup products from Ferro Cosmetics!

To celebrate Earth Day, we're giving away 35 natural mineral makeup products from Ferro Cosmetics!

Ferro Giveaway -- starts April 10th

Ultimate Mineral Foundation: A prestige 3-in-one product that acts as concealer, foundation, and powder in one in a camera-ready Matte HD finish. A celebrity and makeup artist fave, Ultimate Mineral Foundation weightlessly evens out complexion, offers perfection in concealing, buffs away redness, and completely hides blemishes so people see you’re your skin NOT your makeup!

Radiance Mineral Foundation: Ultra light weight and finely milled, Radiance smoothes complexion and evens skin tone leaving the skin with a healthy radiant glow. Soothing 100% natural minerals that are good to the skin shield and protect skin from harmful environmental influences. Extremely water and sweat resistant, so it’s perfect for a day on the yacht, a weekend in Cabo, or a Yoga marathon.

Blush X3 Mineral Color: Blush X3 gives you beautiful, natural looking color using concentrated pure pigments that blend smoothly and evenly, and give the perfect amount of color to skin. Formulated with concentrated pure mineral pigments and mixed with oil absorbing clays and skin soothing minerals. Blush X3 allows you to build color intensity by applying light layers.  Use as long wear eye shadow, apply on top of clear lip gloss for use as lip color, and blend into your favorite top coat or nail strengthener as nail color.

Glow Mineral Bronzers: Glow Mineral Bronzers give your skin a realistic sun-kissed glow in shades that are conducive to your own skin’s own natural pigmentation from the sun. Unlike typical bronzers with a heavy brown/gold/orangy influence, GLOW Mineral Bronzers bathes your skin with 5 different shades to suit your mood, skin tone, or outfit.

Matte Veil Finishing & Priming Powders: Light weightless mineral clays absorb surface oils without pulling vital moisture from your skin and without settling into lines. Completely weightless and almost colorless,  Matte Mineral Veil goes undetected, no matter how many times it’s reapplied.

Crystal Veil Finishing & Priming Powders: Crystal Mineral Veil bathes skin with illuminating, premium crushed minerals that make your skin look absolutely luscious, soft and radiant. It minimizes lines and enlarged pores by bouncing light away from any signs of aging. Crystal Veil is available in 4 lightly-tinted and translucent shades, so it doesn’t interfere or compete with your foundation. Mature skin looks fresh, and ruddy or ashen skin looks alive and glowing.

Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eye Shadow: Pure vegan mineral pigments for the eyes that multi-task as much as you do. We create artistic one of a kind versions with every one of our shades, offering color blends found nowhere else. Over 45 absolutely stunning shades that allow you to build intensity and control the amount of pigment you want. Stays put without creasing, never irritating, always gorgeous. Safe for wear anywhere on the face, lips, and body, so get your creative juices flowing!

Want a chance to win one of these fabulous all-natural makeup prizes? Just fill out this form. Then, share your Earth-friendly beauty tips in the comments below. Enter by 12pm PST, Monday, April 23.

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Notifiy me with emails too

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2 years ago
Re: Enter to win natural mineral makeup products from Ferro Cosmetics!

I reuse bottles and containers and fill them with whatever DIY products I've made (salt spray for my hair is a regular). I also make a point to look for cruelty-free products. The hardest thing to do, but I make it happen, is to use up all of a product before going to something new! I hate being wasteful but I love jumping between products!

2 years ago
reply to contest

Don't use those energy-guzzling blow-driers!! instead just towle dry it really well, put in a leave-in conditioner, then take a spin in your car with the windows down.

Lowers your energy bill (if you do it enough) and helps the environment. Nice to kill two birds with one stone:)

2 years ago

I try not to be wasteful during my beauty routine. I don't leave the water running (like I used  to), put my makeup on by a window when I can, let my hair air-dry often, and use less paper products than in the past  :)

2 years ago
My Earth Friendly Tips

I try to use products that are cruelty free and as organic as I can! I also try to purchase products that have minimal packaging!

In My Beauty Routine, I make sure that I try to use products that multi-task to cut down on the amount of product that I use as well as applying them with brushes instead of sponges that get thrown away!

2 years ago
Earth Friendly Beauty Routine

I try to use products that are all natural, and not tested on animals!  I recycle containers, and reuse the ones that I am able to re-purpose.   I try to conserve on water, and air dry my hair on most days too!

2 years ago
earth tips

I try to use products with little packaging.

2 years ago
Buy Local

I try local beauty products from around my area to reduce the carbon footprint from shipping and delivery. I buy products from Whole Foods Market that are tagged local. Whole Foods supports the green initiative while I support the green initiative. 

2 years ago
8 children MAKE a mom learn

Hello, I am the mother of 8 children (4 girls/4boys)! First thing I've taught them is ow long a shower should be by obtaining a little apparatus that you place on the drain and it times and lights up when half-way through and another color means water off. I also have solar lighting in our restrooms so we don't have to use the REAL lights for much. Water is in a Pur by the sink and thisis to be used. Hang up your towel immediately on hooks. We make our own exfoliator and reduction of puffiness by vegetables and it smells nice too! We use reusable cosmetics and perfume as well and of course wait for coupon day! I have never used this line but as a mom with 2 girls in college I learn the names quickly and my oldest got samples and LOVES your line. Thanks for the contest and having a contest to let everyone know how to help our earth! Thanks, Gina Lindsey

2 years ago
Enter to win natural mineral makeup products from Ferro Cosmetics

drink lots of water, use sunscreen and wear mineral makeup

2 years ago
Earth-freindly tips....

my and i like to recycle. like plastics, paper, cans and glass. we also try to take short showers to reserve water. we try to buy productsthat are made from recycled products too.

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