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Hmm, opinions?

Hi, just throwing this out there. I work at a small medical office of 10 employees. Our "new" girl (she's been with us about 1 year) took an extra 1.5 hours on her lunch "to run a few errands". When she came back to work, her hair had went from brown to blonde and was a couple of inches shorter. (Weird, right?) When someone questioned her about it, she said during the day was the only time she had to have her hair done because she is so busy after work and on weekends. So, the question is- Is it ok to take time off work to have beauty procedures done during the work day?

Notifiy me with emails too

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2 years ago
If you've got the vacation time and use it for this, then I think its fine :)

2 years ago
Re: Hmm, opinions?

I don't think it's okay to add extra time(especially not THAT much extra) to your lunch to run a personal errand. Especially if she didn't get permission first. 

2 years ago

Hmmmm.  Sounds a little off to me.  Does she have a second job nights/weekends?????

If not, I think that's going a bit far.  I know I couldn't get away with it at my job--'m a legal

consultant.  When I have taken some time off during the week--I have to catch up by going in

for a few hours on Saturdays.  How does your co-worker make-up for time lost?


Kendall Malloy

Chicago, IL

2 years ago
Bring it up with your boss

It definitely seem unprofessional on her part to do that during a lunch break especially since she's only been with the company for such a short period of time. 

i think the best thing is to confirm with the boss if such a "long-break" is acceptable for the job. I'm not sure what the best way to handle it would be, since I'm not familiar with the environment that you work in. I think it's okay to take time off during the work day if you are allowed to, if not, then no. 



Like if she's still getting paid for that extra long break, then that's just ridiculous. Otherwise, it's her time to waste, she can spend it however she likes.

2 years ago

 That's really rude to take off like that! It is her problem, not that of the employer that she can't find the time on a weekend! I'd give her a verbal warning. If she gets away with it once (especially being new) she will keep it up!

2 years ago
Re: Hmm, opinions?

very unprofessional and selfish-this probably created extra duties for her co-workers and definetely says little of her work ethic.

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