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Help! I need some advice on lip care!

Hello everyone,

I know this sounds gross but I have a horrible habit of chewing on my bottom lip when I am nervous or upset. I'm not sure if this causes them to peel or if the feeling of them peeling cause me to chew. It's similiar to the which came first, the egg or the chicken dilema. I have very full lips and it is very obvious when they are peeling. Its sort of a cycle I suppose. Not sure if anyone else has this problem. I have tried exfloiating them with everything. Toothpaste, a mixture of sugar, honey and vaseline, and lip scrubs but nothing seems to keep the flakes away. My question to you is do you have a favorite way to keep your lips soft and moisturized? Any favorite chapsticks or lip balms you could recommend to me? Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! 

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2 years, 1 month ago

KissI hear you! I do it sometimes,too, and my lips are small and thin, so when they look bad it's horrible! I leave non-petroleum, non-flavored balms all over the house, and grab one and give a swipe whenever i can when I am home. I say non-flavored, cuz I am less likely to want to lick it off. The best thing I do, is at night, I keep some by my bed, and put some on right before I shut off the light. It's a habit now, and it has made a big difference. I put some on as soon as I wake up too. As far as brands, the ones I like the best are: PangeaOrganics Lip Balm (I do like the Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel sometimes), Philosophy Hope in a Tube for Lips and Eyes, and Burt's Bees, any of theirs, tinted or not. I hope this helps you a bit. My best!

2 years, 1 month ago
The Lip battle, your not alone!


First let me say I am new to this site and commenting for that matter but I'm seeing so many common issues so it makes me much more comfortable to join in! Hopefully this will help someone a little bit but since our bodies look similar but respond so differently I cannot guarantee this will work for others.  I've fought the lip peeling, chewing, cracking etc. for years wondering why other women had great lips and could wear lipstick without looking like a shedding snake until I tried Chapstick Overnight liptreatment in combination with exfoliation.  My lips are bad mostly in the winter time but if I was nervous or upset I would chew on my bottom lip then they would get chapped (Your saliva is one of the worst culprits from what I have read, you probably have too) so I would exfoliate them and put on balm or chapstick.  I think I was exfoliating too much though.  So when I found the overnight chapstick I made a concious decision/effort to take care of my lips. 

Here is what I did;  the first night I got the lip treatment I exfoliated with a tiny bit of baking soda, washcloth and babyoil.  I did it as light as possible to get just the layer off that was already obviously trying to shed. In the past I would press fairly hard not thinking about how I'm adding to the problem tearing layers that would have been fine, basically causing a chronic cycle of nasty looking lips.  I should mention my washcloth is usually damp when I put the babyoil and baking soda on it and rub in circular motion around lips or just in the main area needed.  When I don't see anymore flakes I stop, again I use to do another pass for just in case reasons, but now I try not to as to again not add to the problem.  When I rinse I use lukewarm water and dab or splash the mixture off, don't wipe.  I immediately apply the Chapstick overnight treatment in a very thick layer.  Now if there is very deep cracks that have bleed  I will put on Aquaphor healing ointment first over those areas but still apply a thick layer of the Chapstick.  So when I got up that first morning from doing this I was so excited about how smooth my lips where and I was so happy about my lipstick looking good I swore I would do what I could to maintain it. 

I do keep this lip treatment handy or the Aquaphor one of them with me at all times so if I catch my self chewing or picking I can put it on right away.  I have gotten into a routine finally of exfoliating every couple of days, if needed mostly during the winter, but at least gently once a week and I always apply my chapstick at night after washing my face etc.  It is now appart of my nightly skin regimen (which is a fairly new routine also)Hope it helps and keep me posted in case you find something different!



2 years, 1 month ago
Re: Help! I need some advice on lip care!

I do EXACTLY the same! I am currently studying for my accountancy exams so at the minute I am stressing like crazy and chewing my lips like mad, so firstly, thank you for posting this comment! It is always good to know you are not alone in these beauty problems!

Ok, I am not great at exfoliating my lips so will need to give that a try, but two lipbalms I have found really really good over the years are the "Blistex" range and the "Carmex" range, especially the Carmex when your lips are in desperate need of an S.O.S!

Hope this helps, keep me posted on how you get on and Good Luck :)

2 years ago
Re: Help! I need some advice on lip care!

I have that habit also! The products that work best for me are plain ChapStick (so I don't get tempted to chew off the flavor) and original Carmex. Apply either one before going to sleep at night so that it has a chance to heal your lips, and use it throughout the day as well.

2 years ago
Dry, Flaky, lips

Hi everyone, 

I would like to just give some advice on the dry, flaky, lip problem.  I too have found this to be a problem in the past!  Although lip balms are good to use, it seemed to only be a temporary fix, for me.  I try to exfoliate my lips with brown sugar, yes, brown sugar works wonderfully!  Olive oil is also a wonderful solution to keeping them subtle and soft, leaving them moisturized, and feeling great! Natural is always better, when applying to your skin!  Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.  

2 years ago

Thank you for all the good tips and product recommendations! I definitely will be trying them out to see which ones best suit me. I will keep you all posted on any other products I find along the way.

1 year, 10 months ago
Re: Help! I need some advice on lip care!

An easy, safe and actually kind of yummy way to get rid of lip flakes is to mix a little sugar (yes, the kind you put in your tea) with some water, then (gently) scrub it over your lips. The sugar crystals will dissolve and along with it, the dead, dry skin on your lips. Then, use a simple lip balm to hydrate, preferably one with natural ingredients (because you are eating a lot of product off your lips normally, and more so if you chew your lips). Do this once a day or a couple of times a week, and you'll start to see an improvement.

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