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Makeup on the BIG SCREEN!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm the type that wants to know what kind of brands are used for actresses who star in movies, TV, award shows, etc.  This website helps my hunger for this type of knowledge but it can only tell me so much.  Here's the link of famous "beauty breakdowns".


BUT, the reason I'm posting this is because some makeup tips are kept so secret.  Like when Kate Middleton got married, it was rumored she purchased Bobbi Brown cosmetics, but which ones?  On Bobbi Brown's FB, she posted a face chart using her products INSPIRED of her wedding day look, but who knows what she actually used?  I would like to know but I'm satisfied with the face chart.

Or in Sex and the City 2, where Carrie got Indian eyeliner.  After extensive research, I found that same eyeliner in an Indian store, Blue Heaven brand, and bought it because Carrie bought it in the movie.

I want to know the brands or shade used because it is interesting to me!!!  I tend to spend a good amount of time doing research on the Internet for this type of information (articles and youtube tutorials).


***Spoiler Alert***  Now, my latest obsession is the final scene in  Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1.

Not a huge Twilight fan but I already know Bella becomes a vampire eventually.  This was my favorite movie from all the other Twilight movies.  The final scene was awesome, because it showed Bella's transformation into a vampire.  What I found amazing was the makeup used, especially the false eyelashes and eyeshadow.  I've been searching what was used in that final scene and found nothing.  The inspired YouTube tutorials are in no way close to the final scene look.  I know they are inspired look but at least put some effort in the color selection!!!  The only thing I've found is her wedding day look which does come out on the website I just mentioned above. 

Does anyone else think the way I do?  LOL  

I'd like to hear input on this fascinating subject!!! Laughing

Notifiy me with emails too

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2 years, 1 month ago
Re: Makeup on the BIG SCREEN!!!

I don't think it's necessarily important to know exactly whick products were used on a person because when it breaks down--makeup looks different on every person. The same color used on a fair-skinned person will look different on a medium or darker-skinned person. The same thing applies with skin texture; makeup appears more smoothly and more evenly on a person with smoother skin texture as opposed to someone with a little coarser texture (like me). 

Many times it can be easy to replicate a look using products of other brands and taking into consideration of the color differences appearing on a person. For example, me and another girl I know have both worn Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' eyeshadow. She's very fair and I'm more light/medium. On her it looks more pinkish-gold but on me it looks more yellow gold. If I wanted to get the same pinkish-gold she had, I could use other shadows to create the same color effect, and vice versa. I don't have to stick with the same exact shadow. 

Also, I'm not too concerned with replicating a look because I know I'm not going to pull it off nearly as well just based on my own features. I'd rather use that look as inspiration to create a look that best suits me. 

2 years, 1 month ago

I honestly could care less for what brands or products celebrities used precisely, but to have someone make a tutorial of products to make a look similar to what celebrities worn would actually work better in my opinion. Since honestly, even if you know what products they used, you won't necessary be able to create the same look, since you're not the makeup artist who actually put it on the look for the celebrity.

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