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Flat thin hair

My hair is super fine and super thin!!! It won't do anything but just stick flat to my head and look ugly! Does any body have any great products or tips to recomend?!

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2 years, 2 months ago
Fine thin hair

Very simple tricks. Bend in half, leaning over so hair upside down. Spray with good hairspray, like Sebastian. Also if you have long hair, put hair in pony tail on top of head with a scrunchie.....no elastic-will leave line. Spritz with hairspray. In morning, take down and shake hair. Beautiful full hair. Spray hith hair spray. Also do the above and wind hair around toilet paper cardboard cores--about four will do, and secure with bobby pins. Place them facing north, south, east, west on top of head. Spritz with hair spray. In morning, shake out hair, beautiful wavy hair. In the morning, after shaking out hair, run wide tooth comb only slightly to tame, and spray away with hairspray. Do not brush out. Periodically during the day, spray under hair, by turning hair upside down. I guarantee these tips. Good luck!! Carole VonAllten

2 years, 2 months ago
RE: Flat thin hair

I used to have this problem a lot when I had longer hair, and since I have switched my hair care routine a lot it has become less of an issue. However, the last time I got my haircut, I mentioned how I'm growing my hair out again, and how I hope it looks good, since it used to just lay there flat practically stuck to my face and it looked horrible. She said a lot of people get this problem when they grow their hair out, but they don't get any layers or anything cut into it because they're trying to maintain length. By the time they achieve the length they want, their hair has no real shape or look to it to give it that oomph.

Another thing that works wonders for my hair (and another fine-haired friend who swears by this since I told her and she tried it) l is to reverse the order of the shampoo/condition process. I actually read about that in an article somewhere on this website and it really helps to condition your hair first sometimes when its fine, because then it doesn't get all rough and as damaged when you apply your shampoo, and you can either just leave as is at that point, or if your hair needs it, reapply conditioner just to your ends or even all over, just depending on the overall feel of your hair. I find it just improves the health and shine of my hair and if you don't pile on a thick second layer of conditioner and not wash it out all the way, you won't have buildup making your hair look dull and weighing it down. If I need volume after that, I generally will blow dry it rather than air dry it (remember to heat protect your hair first), and kind of brush it up and out and then tuck the ends under with a round brush and ocassionally flip my head upside down, which helps, you just have to be careful not to make your bangs stick straight up.

It's a journey figuring out exactly what your hair wants and needs to look and feel healthy and happy, but it's definitely worth the effort in the end. Everyone is different, so I hope this helps and wish you the best of hair.

2 years, 2 months ago
Flat hair !

Okay, you've come to the write person, even if I am a newbie I have the answer for what you're asking. Braids and products really help.

A really good product you can use is Aguage. It builds volume for the create beach look that you've just left the beach look. It's a great pray to get volume. You put it where your roots are or you can do it the way the bottle says. It's about $16.00 at the good salons.

If you don't want to spend that much to get volume, then I would suggest Garnier Fructis Style Body Boost Root Booster. It's a great spray if you want volume.  I don't know how much it is but you can probably get it anywhere except the nice salons. I have it and got it at Walgreens. It in a green rectangular bottle, about yay high. You can use it however or you can follow the directions on the bottle. It might feel slimey in your hands at first but after a few times of using it you'll get use to it. I love it, and it works wonders. I highly suggest it. 

If you're going to do braids then I suggest you get a spray to go along with it as well. Before you braid your hair put this product in. It's called Goodwell Straight Style Sign. It's in a grey spray bottle. I don't know where you can get it, but it's $16.00. Since braids already give you natural volume you just need to spray it in your hair once or twice all over. Don't put alot of it near the front, it'll make you look like you have greasey hair and you don't want that. Or atleast I hope you don't. Haha(:

Once you do that and braid your hair you should finish your hair off your hair off with some product that makes your hair shine. But the goal is to make it shine NOT to make it look greasey. A great product you can find practically anywhere except the nice salons, is called Miracle Shine Spray, It's by It's a 10. I find mine at Walgreens. I don't know how much I got it for. it's in a deep purple bottle with a bright orange spray top. It's looks really shiney and it's feels like tin. You can put it in your hands and rub it on or into your hair. Or you can follow the directions on the spray bottle. After you do this your hair don't look stringy with your braids, since braids can look stringy.I highly suggest it if you don't want to spend alot of money on a shine spray at a salon. I love it! When I'm having a bad hair day I put it in and then boom I don't look like I'm having a bad hair day anymore. 

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!Smile


2 years, 2 months ago
Re: Flat thin hair

Well it is the diet that would work for you along with the hair products.

We know that protiens are the building blocks of our life and so ame is the case wtih hair. but dot go for low quality proteins. It can lead to hair loss. Protein sources : Beef, egg, chicken

How can we forget about iron. Iron deficiency may lead to baldness. Iron sources: Dried beans, egg yolk.

Another one is Omegha 3 fatty acids whose deficiency leads to dry scalp hair. Sources of Omega 3 fatty acids: walnuts, flaxseeds.


2 years, 1 month ago
Re: Flat thin hair

My suggestion for flat, thin hair is to try the Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner.  This product promotes hair growth and stimulates follicles to work at their optimum potential.  For styling, I would try Calista Tools Embellish Texturinzing Definer with ProElement.  Remove the safety seal tab located just below the pump button. Gently push the center, on the bottom inside of the product, to release any air preventing the product from dispensing. A little goes a very long way. Put a pea-sized amount into your hands and rub your hands together. Clap your hands together until you begin to see formed fibers connecting hand to hand. The more fibrous you make it, the lighter the product becomes. For fine hair and those looking for a light amount of styling product, clap your hands repeatedly before applying it to your hair. If your hair is heavy in weight and tends to lay flat, clap your hands only a few times, leaving the product more concentrated. Apply to dry hair, run through the root area for lift and fullness, and apply to the ends for texture and definition.  This really works!  Both products are available at QVC.  I hope this helps! Smile

2 years, 1 month ago
chop it off, seriously

i also have flat fine hair naturally.  there is only so much you can do to fight against what you're born with.  Honestly, it's just easier and a lot more stylish to keep it short.  When my hair is short it has lots of volume and is easy to keep healthy.  Good luck!

2 years, 2 months ago
Re: Flat thin hair

Thanks Jenn..

You are so much helped.. muaaaahh.. :)


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