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Make-up Meltdown!

Hey all,

ok so I have a question I need urgent advice for! My skin is very oily, and as a result my make-uo MELTS off my face..thing I am most upset with is when I find that my eyeshadow has even disappeared! Yell

So, I have my work party this Friday and I have my little dark blue dress and I really don't want the dark blue eyeshadow I have to wear disappearing before the starter arrives at the meal!

What can I do to avoid this?! I can't afford an eye make-up primer at the min (Christmas pressies to get!) but is there anything I might be able to rustle up to help the shadow stay in place?

Any help or advice would be great!Smile

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2 years, 4 months ago
Re: Meltdown

It's always a bummer when you catch yourself in a mirror an hour into an event and realize that you're makeup is having a meltdown! Here is some makeup application advice that may help you for your work party.

First, read about makeup mistakes you might not realize you're making.

Then, read about the benefits of makeup primer. Some of them can get pretty pricey, but it is totally worth it!

You can also read up on the best products for oily skin to see if you're using the right stuff to eliminate oil and keep your makeup in place.

And of course, when all else fails use a matte powder to absorb oil and bring a makeup kit in your purse to re-apply when necessary.

Good luck!

2 years, 4 months ago
Re: Make-up Meltdown!

Whenever I run out of eye primer I normally substitute it with concealer. Make sure the concealer is aborsbed all the way though, or else it will crease. it can take up to 20 min. to do so. Also make sure your not putting too much either, because that wont help much either. After all this put a color of eye shadow the same color as your skin tone, it could be a little lighter or a little darker, all over the lid. This eyeshadow will also come in handy for blending the colors together.

I hope this works,, or at least helps a little bit


2 years, 3 months ago
thank you!

good idea, never thught of concealer, I guess it would create a non-oily base? Going to invest in some good primer after Xmas, a treat to myself! :)

2 years, 3 months ago
Some advice.... :)

I also have really oily skin, and it's taken a while to learn how to control it. Here's my makeup routine that keeps oil at bay:

1)First, apply Urban Decay Primer Potion (the best primer IMO) on lids and lips as your first step in your makeup routine - this helps the lids to stay matte and eyeshadow and liner stays put! It also creates a matte base for lipstick.

2) After applying primer, apply foundation made specifically for oily skin. My faves are Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation & Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse.Thes two are drying, but don't make you look cakey. I've also tried a Mac foundation for oily skin that works well.

3) after applying foundation, apply pressed powder all over the face using the pad applicator or a powder brush. I find the applicator sops up oil better than the brush. Maybelline carries a good matte powder.

4) at this point, I go back to apply eye makeup and lipstick/liner, as the primer has had time to dry. This is very important.

A few tips...I wash my face with a soap for acne called Pan Oxyl that dries the skin without creating the tight feeling. It's a white soap, without frangrance, that's good for sensitive skin. It gives your face a nice matte finish to apply your makeup. Use a Very lightweight face cream or none at all, after washing the face. Try not use cream shadow and blush as they also make you oilier. One thing I do that really helps, everytime I use the restroom, I blot my face on forehead and cheeks.

I know this sounds like alot, but once you get used to the routine, it becomes second nature. The makeup stays put and matte all day. Good Luck!






2 years, 3 months ago

thanks so much! some great advice there! Never thought of washing my face before appying, that is a good point. and I defintely am investing in Urban Decay Primer as soon as my wages come in!

when you say you blot your face in the restroom, do you need to use special paper for that or do you just use a tissue? I use a tissue but would invest in some blotting paper if you thought it was best? And yes, I think I have been using the wrong foundation for my oily skin, the one I use leaves my skin all shiny 20mins after applying!

Which matte powders do you recommend the best for your own use?

Thanks again


2 years, 3 months ago
Re: Make-up Meltdown!

I just blot with tissue because I find they work just as well as blotting paper and they're free! ;) There are several good matte powders on the market, but I like Maybelline products because I have sensitive skin and they rarely break me out. Their new Matte Mousse line also carries a matte powder. If you like higher end products, Urban Decay has something called De-Slick Mattifying powder that I've heard works very well. Hope this helps! 

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