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Shellac Nails - Worth it?

Every time I get a manicure, the ladies always ask me to get the Shellac, but I always say no. The reason is, because back 10 years ago I got the fake nails and the RUINED my natural nails. It hurt so much because my nails are weak and i promised myself never again!
I know that was a long time ago and the technique is a lot better, but does Shellac Nail Polish really work and is it ok on weak nails?

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2 years, 3 months ago

I have heard really mixed reviews about this. Even people who go to good reputable salons can have trouble with the product staying on due to simple body chemistry issues. Shellac does not injure the nail - as it does not have to be buffed - and it can actually help strengthen nails - provided they are removed properly. Shellac nails are NOT artificial nails - instead it is a gel coating that bonds to the top layer of nail and is hardened with UV. If you do decide to get the nails done, you need to wear sunscreen on your hands and have the person doing your nails reapply it before going under the UV. The intense UV light is incredibly damaging to skin. Even people who have only had a few treatments have complained of dark spots cropping up from the UV. If you are nervous about having someone else do your nails, you can now buy gel nail kits - polish, hardener, UV light - at beauty stores for about the same price as one gel manicure - and the stuff is reusable. There is also a gel polish now available at drugstores that does not require UV hardening.

2 years, 3 months ago
Give It a Try!

Shellac nails are not to be confused with gel nails or "fake nails". If you're anything like me, I get my nails done, then three days later the paint chips. Not so with Shellac! It is the process of using special polish, dried with uv light in between each coat. It's worry free, because when you leave the salon, the polish is completely dry.

I've had them several times, and although they advertise it as lasting up to 14 days, mine can easily last up to 3 weeks. I usually have to get them redone because my nails have grown out so much, not because the paint has chipped!

But beware that each nail salon's technique is different. Once you figure out which salon does it best, then stick with them. A few tips: 1) Shellac takes longer to apply, so I would set aside 1 hour for a manicure. 2) It's more costly, but worth it because you don't go back as often. 3) There aren't as many color choices as regular nail polish, but enough overall. 4) Shellac pedicures are not often performed.

Overall, Shellac is worth the money if you value the manicure & polish lasting in between visits.. IMO, it's definitely worth the time and money!

2 years, 3 months ago
Forgot to say....

That Shellac didn't ruin my nails, but if you leave it on very long, like let's say, 2 months, it will start to peel. But it didn't ever cause my nails to weaken. Hope this helps =)

2 years, 2 months ago

Hey! I recentally found out about Shellac, my friend gets it done and absolutely loves it! Looks great, lasts long, and no bad after effects. Shellac is basically like a manicure but you just use the Shellac polish (or whatever is used) and it lasts longer without chipping. The only down side is the price...

2 years, 4 months ago

No!! Don't do it!! My mum got it done for a wedding 2 or 3 months ago and her nails were a MESS after it, I'd say they are only starting to regain strength, and her nails were not bad at all before she put it on! I would advice you to steer clear at all costs...besides, its more fun not to have the 2 week manicure thing down, u can change your nail colour with your style!

Hope this helps!

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