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Indie Brands?

Hiya; Mazedude here. I'm a web designer in the world of beauty and fashion, the world of health and wellness, and more. So, I have a lot of fresh info as far as new brands, cool new products to check out, health and beauty tips from my clients, even recipes... wondering if folks here would be interested in learning more from time to time? Indie brands, new fashion lines hitting the scene and so on? Or are you only interested in mainstream, well-known brands?


Lemme know; I can share all sorts of new goodies, complete with discount and promo codes, all that jazz. But, don't want to start buzzing if that would be frowned upon here. You seem to have a great community, very well spoken of by your colleagues. Thanks, hope to hear from ya soon.

Notifiy me with emails too

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2 years, 5 months ago
Re: Indie Brands?

Definetly! I think of it is beauty related, us girls will love it! I love to learn about new brands versus the standard brands we all see  a billion times a day!

2 years, 4 months ago
Re: Indie Brands

Hey there Mazedude. I think community members would love to hear your info and advice in all those different areas you mentioned. Please feel free to share with fellow members here on our message boards. A few ground rules:

1) Please post to the appropriate forums. That way, members who are looking for certain info will know where to find it, and you won't run the risk of overwhelming members.

2) Please no advertising, self-promotion or off-site linking. Of course if you need to link to an entry form, or want to inform users where they can purchase products, you can link. But if we see you're posting a lot of links back to your own site (or advertising too much for certain brands) we'll have to take them down.

3) Add products to our reviews section. We have a forum where you can request that products be added to our database. So, if you don't see your favorites there already, let us know and we'll get them added.

4) Please direct any further questions about using the community to me, or re-post here in the TBMC forum.



2 years, 4 months ago
Re: Indie Brands?

Totally understood; of course it's rather difficult to introduce a brand new product line without providing a website link, but I'll be careful to keep them down to the minimum. And I have no need to mention my own site; I'm currently swamped through January, and don't need any new clients. That's not why I'm here; rather, I'm trying to become more familiar with the community aspects of the world I work in.


Thanks for your response, and I'll see you on the boards soon!


2 years, 4 months ago
RE: Indie Brands

Welcome! We're happy to have you here!

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