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Throwing away nail polish...

Hey ladies, I read a piece from InStyle this morning that said you should throw away your nail polish after one year. Does anyone actually do this, because I know I never do! Well that's not completely true, I threw away a glitter polish last summer because the consistency was really strange and I was worried to use it.

But I still use a lot of polishes that I've had for a few years...is this bad??

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2 years, 6 months ago

Oh my gosh!!!!! NOOO!!

DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!! They don't expire!! Honestly!! There are a lot of sites that have said this because most makeup does need to be thrown out but polish doesn't expire!!

Seriously!! Send them to mee!!! LOL

Even if they seperate or get hard, you can still use them safely and easily!! You just use polish thinner!! That's what it is made for!! (or polish remover but professionals don't recommend this as it can harm the polish)

But omg I die inside when I read things like this!! It's such a waste!! You don't know how many women would slap you for throwing them out!! Or pay you for them instead!! Please don't throw them away!! Donate them or look online for Nail Bloggers who would buy them from you!!

You would be sooo suprised!

But ack! this makes me want to cry!! All the poor polish!!

2 years, 6 months ago
Nah I've only thrown it away when its too goopy or it separates. I'm bad about throwing it out.

2 years, 6 months ago
Re: Throwing away nail polish...

GUILTY! I only throw it out when the consistency becomes weird and it seperates, n when the brushes become one. I believe I'll start throwing them out now.

Thanx for the tip!

2 years, 6 months ago
Re: Throwing away nail polish...

That Oprah stuff sounds scary!! Thanks for the tips though, maybe I'll have to get rid of some older polishes now :(

It just sucks throwing away spent money!

2 years, 6 months ago
Throwing away nailpolish

As far as makeup goes, I smell it first. If it smells odd, it gets tossed. Nailpolish,however, I keep till it gets thick & goopy. I find good polish, such as OPI or Essie, lasts & lasts. I've had some bottles for 5 years & it's still fine. But, as I said, buy the good stuff. It lasts longer in & out of the bottle.

2 years, 6 months ago
expired nail polish

Yup, nail polish does expire or get really yucky, to say the least.  Actually, I've seen news stories about different times on programs like Oprah when she's had the doctor she likes on, discussing the length of time we can safely keep our make up, etc. before it needs to be tossed and new make up purchased.     I personally hate to throw out make up if I have any left, but apparently yucky things can grow on face and eye make up as well as lipstick, after a long period of time.  The doctor went into the make up areas of some women and took swabs to be tested of different half empty containers of face make up, eye shadows, lipsticks, etc., and the results were pretty yucky (my finest scientific terminology), to say the least.  Some of the things that grew could have given their wearer such things as herpes sores on their lips and eye infections such as pink eye (and that was the mild one!) from old eye liner.  As far as nail polish goes, it does go bad.  I used to keep mine in the produce bin in the frig to keep it from going bad for as long as possible and ended up with extra thick, goopy stuff that kind of resembled polish but was terribly hard to apply, took forever to dry and had me concerned if I had to apply it near a hang nail. As much as I hated to spend the money, after watching those news stories, I grabbed a grocery bag and headed to the bathroom, determined to clear out the make up and polish I was "saving" but knew I would never use again because, even before I'd seen the news story, the looks and consistancies of the different products had me concerned and were a nightmare to use (i.e., clumpy eye shadow and lipstick).Now, with the economy the way it is, I don't have the money for make-up and, since my nails haven't been growing that much I don't wear nail polish. Nylons, which I always enjoyed wearing, are out of style, which also saves me money.  I waited until eye shadow was on sale and bought up 3 lovely colors for alot less than I would have paid normally.  I wear it every time I go out, glad I've got it and reminding myself I'm not "saving" it for any special occasions because going out is a special occasion for someone with chronic migraines. And some day, if my nails grow again, I'll buy just one or two containers of nail polish because my nails don't stay long for very long, as a rule, and I need to save where ever I can. 

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