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Is there a age limit on make-up?

Like, Should 70+ year olds be wearing products? I think that it depends on what they're wearing.

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3 years ago
Re: Is there a age limit on make-up?

Hey Jenna,


I think if they like it why not. I plan on wearing makeup as often as I want for as long as I want. Wink

3 years ago
Re: Is there a age limit on make-up?

I wouldn't say there's an age limit, however certain products (like too much glitter) can emphasize age, so if the goal is to look younger then I'd say you'd want to stay away from certain products, but definitely not all of them (since there are tons of products that can make you look younger or just plain beautiful).

3 years ago
Is there an age limit on make-up?

It depends on which end of the spectrum you are talking about.  I thnk teenagers could use moisturizer, Mascara and lip gloss.  As you get older you can start to add eye shadows and blush and eyeliner (plus mascara, of course).  Older women (like 60+) need to be careful they don't overdo their makeup, eg. wearing too much blush or actually too much of anything.  But, I do think that all women need some makeup  and especially lipstick as one leaves early teens.  No matter how old you are after your early teens, lipstick makes all the difference.  My mother is 88 and wears makeup every day.  She doesn't over do anything, and faithfully moisturizes, wears foundation, powder, and a little eye shadow, light dusting of blush, and mascara and coral lipstick.  She looks 20 years younger!!

Carole Von Allten


3 years ago
I don't think so unless we're talking about a 10 year old...

3 years ago
Re: Is there a age limit on make-up?

Well I am kinda agreeing and disagreeing. I personally think that older ladies can totally wear makeup, but as you girls said stand clear of glitter and overdoing. I disagree on the part of teens only being able to were a few things. I think that as long as teens don't OD on anything, anything goes. Nothing makes me happier to see a teen wearing makeup that is not overdone:)


3 years ago
No, but...

As you age, your makeup look should probably change a bit to accomodate the changes in your face. There shouldn't be hard and fast rules about makeup--it's supposed to be fun!--but things that are cute as a young woman don't necessarily translate well onto an older woman.

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