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New Random Brands at Walmart...

I hate Walmart. Honestly, they are a pain to shop at. BUT. For some reason, I think they've got a great collection of hair products. Sometime before Christmas, I found a sulfate free brand there. I grabbed the conditioner, and this stuff was GOOD! Nutrius. I've been using it since! I did a bunch of looking things up, but I NEVER found any info about the product. No website?? Not even a Facebook page?! It didn't bother me too much because the conditioner was excellent. But just two days ago, I ran out. Boooo. I went to go get more, and the whole line is on clearance, and they've made room for NEW stuff! Neat!! I tend to not buy new hair, skin, makeup products without consulting this website. I mean, totally makes sense. Sometimes I stand in the aisles for a few minutes with a product doing some research. It's MY money, I should spend it how I want, right?! :) SO... I found a couple of new things. I NEEDED conditioner for this mop of mine. I found a brand SimplyU. So I looked it up on the TotalBeauty app. NOTHING. I googled it. No website, but a few blog reviews. Seemed like a decent product. $6 for a big bottle (with a pump)! I snapped a couple pictures with my iPhone of the other products I wanted to check out.




These are the brands I found, and I'm dying to know more.


SimplyU Hair Care: No website, No Facebook. Sulfate and Paraben free. This one I'm currently using. So far, I'm gonna say... This is good stuff. But, I'll wait a few days at least and then post a review. I found the distributor name on the back of the bottle, looked it up. All I could find is that they distribute private brands. They are also the makers of Germ-X, an antibacterial hand cleanser.


Not Your Mother's: This stuff seems cool. I can't find anything about it, though. Cute packaging, and a really catchy name. They have all the goods from hairspray to pomade to curl creme. They have a Facebook, but not much info. https://www.facebook.com/NYMBrands


FX Wild Harvest: They look like a Bumble & Bumble knock-off, but all I can find is their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/FX-Wild-Harvest-Hair/174630539234507


Nutrius: I found it's a Canadian product, but nothing else. And I'm not sure if it's even still being made or if my local Walmart just isn't going to carry it any longer.

I have pics of these products, but this website is giving me tons of trouble today.


Does anyone know anything about these products? Anyone find it odd that there's no website?? Are we test rats for these new products??


Sorry for a long post, but I'm so curious!!

Notifiy me with emails too

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3 years, 1 month ago
Re: New Random Brands at Walmart...

They are probably smaller companies that don't have the resources to create a website yet.. Personally, I think it's great that Walmart are supporting smaller businesses! If they are pretty good quality, I'm sure they will develop their web presence once they get a bit more of a following. A lot of people who aren't that web savvy need a web designer to create all that stuff for them and it can get expensive. That's probably why you see some of them with only Facebook pages, because it's free.

3 years, 1 month ago
Re: New Random Brands at Walmart...

Well, either they are small brands that dont have a good following yet or they are just brands that only walmart carries'

3 years, 1 month ago
Re: New Random Brands at Walmart...

OK, Maddie, so I found NYM Brands: http://www.nymbrands.com

and FX Wild Harvest: http://fxwildharvest.com (I've heard of this one, but haven't tried it yet.)

I didn't find SimplyU nor Nutrius, either, but now you've made me curious, especially if they don't have all those harmful chemicals found in the popular brands.

Keep us posted if you find anything else! *8)

3 years, 1 month ago
Re: New Random Brands at Walmart...

Ok! I found NYM and FX at RiteAid... Still NOTHING about the other two. I've been using the SimplyU conditioner, and it's pretty good! It's also PH balanced on top of being sulfate and paraben free. I think it's time I contact the distributors since I can't find anything on SimplyU and Nutrius.

10 months, 3 weeks ago
Re: New Random Brands at Walmart...


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