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How Can I Eliminate Bumps/Redness After Waxing

Hey Everyone,

Okay so I'm a pretty regular self waxer. It took years and courage to get to that point, but when the recession hit I could no longer justify $50 a month on my bikini area ... sorry. So I decided, to try it myself and it turns out I'm actually pretty good at it.

But when I would go to a professional, or when I do it myself I always get bumps and in grown hairs etc. I've been told to use a loufa on the area and to try "No Bump" products but I still get bumps and in grown hairs!

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and have found something that ACTUALLY works?

-Tired of being bumpy in Santa Monica aka Tracy Cool

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3 years, 2 months ago
Coochy Cream

There's a great product i use to shave called Coochy Cream (it's only sold at adult stores but it is fabulous!  I can't go without it anymore)  but they make an aftershave spray too that really helps reduce irritation.  Good luck!

3 years, 2 months ago
Coconut oil

I use organic coconut oil after hair removal. It smells nice and is soothing...a little pricey, but one jar will last for a very long time.

3 years, 2 months ago
re How Can I Eliminate Bumps/Redness After Waxing

well, i have never waxed. i am a regular shaver, instead. But, try something soothing after waxing like ....cocoa butter or i have never tried but heard asprin/water mixture can soothe small bumps

3 years, 2 months ago
Great guestion! I'm wondering that myself! I just started waxing at home.. any tips??

3 years, 2 months ago
Re: How Can I Eliminate Bumps/Redness After Waxing

Hi Tracy,

I fell into the same predicament when I was out of work, I couldn't afford a professional wax so it became a D.I.Y job. I've used one regimen consistently that has always worked for me. I prep with Gigi pre-hon cleanser then baby powder. Wax with Gigi Brazilian hard wax for down there or Gigi Dark Honee for arms and legs using either muslin or surgicloth strips. Finish with Gigi Post epilation lotion and after a while baby oil to remove bits of wax and soothe skin.

P.S. This reply made me think of a great post I can start next, check it out and please respond!

3 years, 2 months ago

Anti-Bump after shave gel for Women!!!This is my magic weapon.  "Bikini Zone" After shave gel.

Dont let the name fool you, bc you can use it ANYWHERE!!  The other main area i use it on is my underarms, it works very well.

All you have to do is apply DIRECTLY AFTER you get out of the shower!!  Quickly dry most of the water on your body, then apply gel...it stings a little, that means it's workingLaughing   Tell me how it works for you!!

3 years, 1 month ago
Re: How Can I Eliminate Bumps/Redness After Waxing

I don't wax but shave. 

There's something called "Tend Skin" (I think that's the name of it).  It comes in a blue bottle, and it's meant for ingrown hairs, bumps, redness, etc.  Men can use it too.  It does have alcohol in it, so once it calms or shrinks the bumps, you'd want to apply moisturizer.

I get a close shave, but still get those annoying ingrown bumps.  I thought waxxing was supposed to not have those problems...

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