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Cat Lover

i have 3 cats and i want to learn all about your animals. i also have 2 dogs luke [sheltie] and tasha [mix]. i have a green tree frogs [esme] a cuban tree frog[lulu] and a turtle, neon.. these are my cats.














Notifiy me with emails too

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1 year, 11 months ago
Re: Cat Lover

Aw that's great that he got a new cat! :) My cousin actually has a  cat with three legs and she was hit by a car when she was a kitten. Her name is Leila and she's super sweet! The three legs don't slow her down at all either!

1 year, 11 months ago
Re: Cat Lover

New kitty is warming up to me quickly.  He brushed against my leg one day (a good thing, right???), and he came close enough to play with me with a tory.  Then yesterday he felt comfortable enough to get closer to me.  He seemed curious, he was the one that came to me.  I didn't want to try to pet him unless he was read!  He looked up at me & meowed, like to say, "Hello."  I stooped down to pet him at last!  Has short hair & it's so soft!

He was still a little nervous around me later, but he seems to be adapting to his new environment faster than any of his previous cats.

Natalie has chased him away few times, esp. if he's in her favorite bed or near it.  Otherwise, they seem to get along okay.  But Natalie will always remind him of who's "boss", LOL.  She's years older and a bit larger.  Matronly female and a young male, LOL.  Natalie struts around the apartment, like "I own this place."  My friend said was shedding her long hair A LOT the first week the new cat was there, and that it is a sign of stress!  Poor thing!  I bet she missed her late friend too, and there's this new cat suddenly.....

1 year, 10 months ago
Re: Cat Lover

Aw poor kitty! Give her time to adjust and I'm sure that she will make good friends with the new kitty! :)

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