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About Points and Badges

About Badges & Points

We created this exciting system to recognize our most passionate fans and reviewers. Now you can rack up points throughout TotalBeauty.com, and you can get some pretty sweet perks!

Current badge levels are:

  • Elite: 50,000+ points
  • All-Star: 10,000-49,999 points
  • Insider: 1,000-9,999 points
  • Newbie: up to 999 points

Perks of All-Stars and Elites:

All-Star benefits:

  • Early notification of Free Samples, so you hear about them before we announce them to the public.
  • Sweepstakes every month - open only to All-Star and Elite levels!
  • You're listed on our fancy Elite and All-Star page.

Elite benefits:

  • All the All-Star perks listed above, plus...
  • Receive free beauty products from Total Beauty's editor. Guaranteed at least every six months!
  • Additional Elite-only monthly sweepstakes.
  • Your product reviews receive very top placement.


How do you earn points? Here is an exhaustive list, which we will update from time to time... Please note: be a good neighbor. Meaning, like, you know that chick who posts junk/fluff/non-quality content just to rack up points? Don't be that chick. We have people who monitor such evil-doing, and when we catch somebody; we boot them - and they lose all their points. Which really sucks. Anyway, back to the points:

  • Join the community: 200 points
  • Write a product review: 50
  • Rate a product review: 5
  • Mark a review as helpful or not: 5
  • Take a Total Beauty quiz: 20
  • "Like" an article with the Facebook Like button: 15
  • Comment on an article or editor's blog post: 50
  • Opt in to any newsletter: 30
  • Sign in: 5
  • Update your profile: 10
  • Add another member as a friend: 20
  • Accept another member's friend request: 20
  • Invite friends to join the community: 50
  • Join a group: 25
  • Upload a general video: 30
  • Upload a general photo: 20
  • Upload a personal photo to your profile: 50
  • Create a blog post: 50
  • Comment in Message Board: 15
  • Leave a comment on a video: 10
  • Leave a comment on a photo: 10
  • Leave a comment on a blog: 10
  • Comment on another member's profile: 10
  • Comment on a group: 10
  • Rate a video: 5
  • Rate a photo: 5
  • Rate a blog: 5
  • Add tags: 10
  • "Favorite" a photo or video: 10
  • When your photo or video is rated 1 star: 5
  • When your photo or video is rated 2 stars: 10
  • When your photo or video is rated 3 stars: 15
  • When your photo or video is rated 4 stars: 20
  • When your photo or video is rated 5 stars: 25

What do I buy with my points?

You don't actually spend your points - you use them to earn priviledged status. When you're an Elite or All-Star, you earn all kinds of great goodies like giveaways and even free beauty products. But you still keep all your points. We're nice like that.

The fine print (sigh, our lawyers make us write this stuff...)

We may add new badges over time, or we may adjust these criteria at any time. We also may change the points you earn for each task you complete on TotalBeauty.com.

Notifiy me with emails too

2 Replies

3 years, 5 months ago
Call me Badgess. .

I have visited total Beauty over the past years and used your site as my personal shopping assistant.  No more wasted money on products that could have been a 10 star :)  My beauty closet is now stocked full of products that I know have been rated well, so I do not have the guilt when I buy a new product and wonder if it will sit under my bathroom sink collecting dust.  Yaaayy to a much happier, beautiful me and saving money is the icing on the cake.  I LOVE total beauty and recommended this site to all of my friends.  I posted your site on my facebook page and received many gracious thank you's from my girlfiends.  Thank you total beauty. . you app on my Iphone is a god sent.Kiss

3 years, 4 months ago
Thank you!

I have just joined TotalBeauty.com this week and have been wondering just what the points were for.  I knew I was new to the site, so the newbie part of it made some sense, but I had not known about the other badges that you can earn.  This explained what I was looking for and more with your list of all the ways which you can earn points and the value associated with each one.  It was a huge help, THANK YOU!


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