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9 months, 3 weeks ago
Commenting on TB. TB, please, hear the users!

I is a huge disappointment that we can no longer comment with our TB accounts, and are forced to use FB. There are people who don't use FB, and there are people who form privacy reasons don't want to use FB accounts. Plus it's a huge confusion with points and writing reviews. As a result of all this mess I've started using TotalBeauty website much less, and I'll have to stop using it if nothing changes.

It is very sad that such illogical change has been made, and it is even more sad that TB seems to not care about the members...

Notifiy me with emails too

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7 months, 2 weeks ago
Re: Re: Commenting on TB. TB, please, hear the users!
LittleBunny posted:

I completely agree! I have been on this site for a really long time and this new feature has made me cut down my usage a lot. I do not like at all linking my accounts, and am concerned about privacy. I loved being able to just comment on TB from within the site, and totally dislike this new method. It seems as though TB is selling out. I really hope that it is changed back, or that at least the option be made available.

I've been on this site for 5 years, and it's been "overhauled" at least twice in that time. Since I don't like this latest overhaul, I only come on here once in a blue moon to write a review. During the first overhaul, I was happy to see some of my suggestions implemented, like being able to "follow" a topic. Otherwise, I don't come here, BUT I had to comment on this topic and show my support to Little Bunny and others (Little Bunny, I remember you from the "old days".) My main reason I don't come here now is I don't like the new format of the message boards. This "vote up/down" thing is just not necessary. Women are catty enough to each other in real life as it is, why add to the drama on what USED to be a safe place for me? No woman should get a "vote down" unless she posted spam or otherwise broke rules of the community. I mean, really? Are we in junior high again? I miss the interaction with other women about products, but unless the site is changed again, I stay away. People STILL DO use Hotmail. There's nothing wrong with it. It's a valid, working e-mail program. Thankfully, I can still log in with my Hotmail address and password I've used for years. Hotmails uses Outlook now, but it's a legit & useful e-mail. I know people who still use AOL and rotary phones. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I agree with the comment about Facebook. I'm not on it, nor do I want to be. Contrary to what you hear, not every single soul on the planet is on Facebook. I'm sure the company would like that though. So, whether for privacy or other reasons, there are people not on Facebook and DON'T want their accounts linked. I've seen sites where this Facebook window keeps popping up, telling me to "share with your friends on Facebook." *&^%$# Facebook. The world is getting too "Orwellian" for me as it is, and now Facebook is some kind of requirement for certain features here. I filled out the survey, but none of the questions had "none of the above" or "no opinion" as a choice. Like the question about what do I think about the blogs. I couldn't say, "No opinion" or "I don't read blogs." So I had to pick the least bad of all the choices, so I said "confusing." So, I've said my peace and 2 cents. I will probably get "vote down" from some of you, but I have a right to post my opinion. If one doesn't like it, I don't see why this icon or feature has to be visible to everyone. Also, when the site changed, my friends and pictures were deleted. I couldn't track them down, as the "search" feature wasn't user-friendly at all. I couldn't search for a member using the first few letters of her name, for example. Miss Vicky, if you see this and remember me, you're one of the members I miss talking to. I just check in here now & then to see if anything has changed-----AGAIN. P.S. The message boards use to have a tool bar for one to edit a post, use boldface or underline, PREVIEW the post, etc. Useful feature I miss.

6 months, 1 week ago
Re: Commenting on TB. TB, please, hear the users!

FYI, I had to log in twice. I just posted here in response to another post, and it says I did, but it's not showing up. I even refreshed the page. Sigh...

6 months, 1 week ago
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Commenting on TB. TB, please, hear the users!
jenn8779 posted:

Little Bunny, I so agree with you! There is NO community feeling here anymore and so I just don't come here. Why bother? Its hard to tell who is who anymore so if I trusted a reviewer, like YOU (LOL..you're awesome!) and you begin signing in under a social networking name that isn't as easily recognized, then how to do I feel I can trust a review? Also, since so many previously trusted reviewers have lost that tag on their name, how do we vote on who we trust? I don't get it.......but, since facebook isn't the "thing" anymore, I guess TB doesn't mind going down with that ship. They remind me of JC Penney, where I don't shop anymore....like a lot of others which is why they are in the sales toilet. They're a great example of how to ruin a great thing! I'd tell TB to keep that in mind but I am highly doubtful they even care so why bother?

Just dropping in to say I agree, and that I remember you from the old site. I miss the friendly, safe community this used to be for me. You're right that JC Penney is struggling; I used to shop there years ago too. I can't even put paragraph breaks here, so I'll keep this short. There is no formatting bar anymore either, like emoticons or formatting like boldface or highlighting.. That was fun.

9 months, 2 weeks ago
Re: Commenting on TB. TB, please, hear the users!

Hey guys -- Just wanted to reply and fill you in on why the change was made, and to say that we do value your contributions and feedback. Total Beauty changed to Facebook commenting with our relaunch in May in order to open up commenting to more users. We heard from a large number of users that requiring people to set up a Total Beauty account was a barrier to having them participate in the discussion on our site. So, how is it working? We've seen a 200 percent increase in commenting on the site, which is incredible. But unfortunately the way this software works, there is no way to incorporate our custom Total Beauty points program into article commenting. As I mentioned, we really value your time and contributions,. and you can still earn points in a number of ways: Write a product review: - < 150 words: 50 points (100 if trusted) - 150-299 words: 100 points (200 if trusted) - 300+ words: 500 points (1000 if trusted) Rate a product review: 5 Mark a review as helpful or not: 5 Take a Total Beauty quiz: 20 Opt in to any newsletter: 30 Sign in: 5 Update your profile: 10 Upload a personal photo to your profile: 50 Create a blog post: 50 Comment in Message Board: 15 Leave a comment on a video: 10 Leave a comment on a blog: 10 Rate a video: 5 Rate a blog: 5 You can also sign to comment on articles by using Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL, so if privacy is your concern, you can create a username that protects your identity and comment in articles using that name. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and wanted to thank you for everything you do to make this site a great beauty community!

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