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Garnier Moisture Rescue to the rescue!

This is my first blog post! YAY! That's exciting, right?
Well, since this is my first post, I figured that I should make it incredibly long and detailed. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone who might have had similar issues. 
So, at the beginning of October, I ended up with a weird rash on my face. I had no idea what it was from and couldn't figure out what was making it worse. It was flakey and dry and itchy and it burned. It felt like a sunburn but looked like a terrible rash. I even iced my face every night for a while to help it. It was just about the worst thing ever. Since I didn't know what was causing it, I tried pretty much everything in my medicine cabinet from antihistamine creams to antifungal creams to good ol' petroleum jelly. Nothing worked and it just kept getting worse and worse.
About mid-October I went to the doctor and he told me that whatever it was, it was healing so I shouldn't worry about it. 
Flash forward to the beginning of December. I still had the rash, it was still itchy, it was still burning and flakey and I was frustrated. I was to the point of using virgin coconut oil on my face in hopes that might help and while it helped a little, my face pretty much stayed looking like the Phantom of the Opera but without the singing ability and the stalking. 
At this point, I had figured out that it was eczema from an allergic reaction to *something.* Something. What, I had no idea. At this point, I had cut out anything that might be causing it like my conditioner that had honey in it (I have a VERY MILD honey allergy) or my face lotion that I had been using for about a year and even the petroleum jelly. I had cut out everything that had changed in the past few months but that didn't help either. I was using coconut oil and olive oil and switching between those two in hopes that I wasn't getting an allergic reaction from either of them. 
Because I basically had eczema that I couldn't help at all, I had read everything I could online to try to fix it. One of the many eczema boards suggested leaving a damp cloth on the affected area to try to get the moisture to return to the skin. I decided to take a bath and do this and see if this would help. Nothing else had but hey, this might, right?
So there I am in the bath, wondering why my washcloth I'm using smelled like bleach. I hadn't bleached that load of laundry since we don't even have bleach in our apartment. Why did it smell like bleach?
Then it dawned on me. After an hour, because I'm not the brightest, I realized it wasn't the washcloth but the water. THE WATER.
I recently moved from Indiana to Florida. I've always had sensitive skin and had had various breakouts from the water but that was because it was poorly filtered and not very well treated. But here I am, across the country having the same reaction except multiplied by about 100 because the water is TOO well treated. 
My boyfriend and I went back to Indiana for Christmas. We had a great time but one of my favorite things, aside from visiting my family and friends was being able to take a shower. I took a shower and even got water on my face without my face feeling like it was burning. I might've cried a little in the shower (don't judge me). One of my favorite feelings is washing my face really well and I hadn't been able to do that for months. 
I stopped reading labels of various lotions that I was putting on my face and after a week being back in Indiana, my face was starting to clear up. It wasn't red or itchy or burning and the flakiness was definitely not as bad. I began to dread going back to Florida because I knew what little progress my face skin had been making would be ruined. Horrible, right?
We landed safely without any real problems and went home. I had some prescriptions I needed to pick up from the drugstore and while I was there, I thought I should take a look at various face moisturizers. 
Now I'm on a budget. A super budget. I can't really spend money on beauty things so I knew whatever I was going to try, I needed it to be cheap. 
And there, on sale, was Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream for dry skin. I picked it up, went home and immediately put it on my face. I've never used a gel or a gel-cream but I have to say I like it. While the rest of the country is getting the snowstorm of the decade, Florida is still having highs in the 70s so anything thick or greasy isn't going to be helpful. But this is light and still seems to moisturize my skin which, lemme tell you, was in bad shape. 
After a week of using it, there is a noticeable difference in my skin. It might be to the fact that I'm not getting any of the Florida water on my face and slathering it in petroleum jelly before my showers and rising my face with filtered water (omg, I know? I can't believe I'm *THAT* person now) and then use this handy dandy moisturizer. It says to use it morning and night but I've been putting it on when I get up, after my shower and before I go to bed. I do have to say that I really do like it and I really do think that it's helping my skin heal.  
The ONLY thing I don't like is the smell. It's a bit too floral-y for my liking. "Fragrance" was one of its ingredients but I was hoping that it wouldn't be that bad. It isn't so bad that I'll stop using the product, it's just a smell that I'm not used to or fond of. But it's fixing my skin, so I'll deal with a little smell.
Hope you enjoyed my ramblingly long post to basically say that I like a moisturizer but it smells a bit. I definitely hope this helps someone else who might be having issues. 
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by hamolla 2 months, 1 week ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Congratulations to your first blog post! =) I can relate, I also experienced dry itchy skin when winter starts. I clean my face right away whenever I feel the itch and then put witch hazel and then moisturize. Good to know that you got the best moisturizer for you. =)

by Dessa0226 3 months, 1 week ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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