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No more wateproof for me!

So a few weeks ago I added a post about looking for a good waterproof mascara.  Well update! I have given up on waterproof mascaras! lol Although they are great for holding curls, I found myself just getting tired of having to remove them every night.  There are some great ways to remove them, but no matter what it seems it always takes some work.  I have long days and two little boys who keep me on my feet and sometimes I am so tired that I would just like to wash off my face quickly and get to bed without worrying about having to take any extra steps to remove the mascara.  So I have tried something else to hold curl in my lashes.  Heating up my eyelash curler! I know this is not new but for me it is, I wasn't sure it would work but it actually helps.  I have also found some mascaras that seem to do an ok job of holding a curl,  They are:

1. Almay One Coat get up and grow

2.  The new Covergirl clump crusher Extensions.

These don't hold the curl as well as the waterproof ones, but I notice they don't completely straighten them back out like I have noticed with wetter formulas or ones that really weigh down my lashes.  And also heating up the eyelash curler with a blow drier helps.  I know they sell heated eyelash curlers but since this works for me I don't feel the need to purchase one.






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I do not like waterproof products especially mascaras because they dry and they are hard to get ood, you gotta rub til you get irritated, pull out lashes and so on...

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I'm glad you gave up on waterproof mascara's. I read years ago its the worst thing for your lashes and you risk more lashes falling out over time. (probably from the struggle to remove it) A lot of the washable mascara's these days don't really run and have conditioning ingredients to keep lashes healthy.

by Anita7 7 months, 4 weeks ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Your not slow I just learned about it myself too :) Aw I'm sorry to hear that! I have an aunt who has the same problem as you. I was using waterproof mascara for a different reason but I just decided its not worth it for me. If I had your problem then yea I would have to use it. I am not saying I will never use it because there are some occasions where waterproof is needed, but I just got tired of using it on a day to day basis. There are just some days where I am too exhausted to take the extra step to remove it after I have already washed off my face. And thanks but yes I have used the Neutrogena towelettes, they did make it easier but I also noticed sometimes after a while of rubbing, the sensitive skin around my eyes would start to get irritated :/ But thanks for that I appreciate it :)

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Hi Nelly! Wow! I have never heard of that before..."heating your eyelash curler" (I'm a little slow)! Unfortunately, I have CONSTANT tension headaches...and when they are "bad" my left eye CONSTANTLY waters...so waterproof is almost a necessity for me, although that STILL doesn't keep the mascara on on really bad days! I had the same dilemma regarding removing the mascara at night, but I DID find a rather easy way to remove it...I use Neurtogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes (I get them @ Costco). They work very well while at the same time being a pretty gentle way to remove the tough, waterproof mascara. (I use a relatively inexpensive waterproof mascara..."Wet-n-Wild Megalength" waterproof mascara and I actually found that this is a pretty good mascara compared to more expensive waterproofs! Anyway, for those of us unfortunate to have to deal with "weeping eyes" the heated eyelash curler trick probably won't work for long...really, neither does waterproof after all the dabbing/wiping, but I thought you might be interested in these makeup remover towelettes/wp mascara might be of interest for you if you decide to go back! Good for you on your find! Thanks for sharing! Great idea! Love, Linda

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