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Lip Plumper Reviews: Best Lip Plumping Product You Should Know

Most women and some men want to have fuller and plumper lips. This is because the lips are one of the first parts of the body that other people notice. If you have sexy and alluring lips, you will naturally appear more attractive to others. This is why many people are turning to products and cosmetic procedures that make the lips fuller and plumper.

Dangers of Lip Cosmetic Procedures

Lip augmentation is the cosmetic procedure that helps the patient have plumper and fuller lips. Currently, the most popular procedure involves injecting dermal filler. There are several kinds of dermal fillers available. The main problem with lip augmentation is the side effects and risks involved. Side effects include swelling, bruising, bleeding from the injection sites, pain and redness. Serious side effects include lip asymmetry, severe and prolonged swelling, infection, loss of tissue, allergic reactions and ulceration.

Finding the Right Product

Aside from the risks and side effects connected to lip augmentation it is also very expensive and can cost as high as thousands of dollars. This is the reason why lip plumping products have become the most popular option for attaining fuller and plumper lips. However, because of the hundreds of products available, choosing one is quite complicated. The main goal is to find a product which is not just effective but also safe.

Ingredients You Should Be Looking For

One way to determine if a lip plumping product is safe and effective is by taking a close look at its ingredients. Let’s take a look at clinically proven ingredients you should be looking for in lip plumpers. One such ingredient is called benzyl nicotinate which is also known as niacinamide. It may sound like a harsh chemical but it is actually a gentle and safe substance that naturally enhances blood circulation of the lips. It dilates blood vessels causing an increase in volume.

Another ingredient you should be looking for in lip plumper is palmitoyloligopeptie which enhances the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This creates a plumping effect that increases the volume of lip tissue. You should also be looking for hyaluronic acid, silica dimethyl silylate, butylene glycol and ethylhexylpalmitate or hyaluronic filling spheres. This penetrates the skin and traps water to hydrate and make the lips smoother.

The Best Lip Plumpers Available Today

There are many products that claim to make the lips plumper and full. To help you on your quest to find the most effective and safest products, let’s take a look at the top products on the market. One of the most popular lip plumpers today is maxolip which comes from the renowned company Dermagevity. It contains all of the ingredients mentioned above plus a few more. There are many good reviews of this product online claiming it is really effective.

Right behind maxolip is LipFusion XL which has recently been reformulated. It contains hyaluronic acid and is a night time lip treatment that uses a unique micro-injected collagen technology. There are many feedback saying this product is really effective but some people who have tried it say the effects aren’t as significant.

Lip Treat is another popular product which basically hydrates the lips and eliminates lip creases. However, it is not as effective in making the lips plumper unlike Maxolip. Lip Inflation is another popular product for making the lips plump. However, it is popular mostly because it is cheap at about $7. Its effects are only minor and temporary so you have to keep on using it every few hours. Another product worth mentioning is Avon’s Plump and Pout Lipgloss which is also priced very low at about $7. However, the effects are very similar to Lip Inflation.

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Super useful. Thank you!

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Really Liked the post great information, thanks for the info!

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This is really beautifully researched and written--thank you! There is so much great information. I will try the products you suggest. I had to laugh about niacinamide; in high school, my mom took niacin and it dilated her blood vessels so much that her face was burgundy and she wound up in the ER. The next day, my sixteen-year-old sister took it as well to see if it would have the same effect on her (it did). Great, great work!

by GigiSD 10 months, 2 weeks ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Thank you for your research. This was very helpful and informative. I just joined yesterday!

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