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Always looking for helpful tips,Please

I am always looking for tips on anti-aging tips on make-up,skincare,haircare,etc.
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I agree with serum, and also try facial massage every night to strengthen facial muscles to prevent sag.

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Hi tinker, try this Serum by Dr. Nathan Newman, it contains Growth Factor. As u aged, the production of growth factors is deplete, intensifying the visible results of aging: http://www. piuttosto. jeunesseglobal. com/products.aspx?p=LUMINESCE

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Hi Tinker! I have been using "Pycnogenol Pine Bark extract" (I think i spelled that right). It is a supplement you take that I found out about through a Dr. Oz episode. It is supposed to work by "inflating" the skin cells back up so as to reduce wrinkles that appear as they "dry out"...this is supposed make them "re-expand"...like a dry sponge would when you get it wet, so the skin that lays on top of those cells doesn't "fall into the crease" left by the "deflated" cells. I have been taking it for a month now, and my husband just said to me yesterday that my skin looks really good (I'm 46). I was told not to expect any real results until after two months, but I like what I see so far! As far as I know, Dr. Oz doesn't endorse any particular brand (s), but he does give you guidelines to to by (as you probably know, when Dr. Oz suggests something all of a sudden LOTS of different brands/variations are put out). He recommends that it be "standardized for a minimum of 95% proanthocyanidins, phenolics and flavonoids". I did some research and there WERE others out there that were a little less expensive (I paid about $45ish dollars for 60 capsules), but they didn't have these recommended values. I take two capsules per day (one in the morning and one at night...so that my body will absorb all of it instead of taking it all at once and my body eliminating what it can't absorb at one time). Each capsule is 50 mg, so that adds up to 100 mg per day. Oh, some have things like "grape seed" and other things, but I just went with Pychogenol Pine Bark EXTRACT. I purchased a brand by TwinLab at Hi-health. I hope that helps you some. Let me know if you try it and how you like it! Take care, Love, Linda :D

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I have a Murad Youthful Skin Renewal Kit that I got about 5 days ago my mom has also been using it a lot. I really like it I'm only 18, but I have very dark bags under my eyes from work and hereditary issues, and it has helped a lot with that also with my face being dry. My mom who is 40 has been using it and her face is noticeably softer looking (wrinkles softer, skin smoother, ect.) we both love it, it even has a good housekeeping award.

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For skin care, try using egg yolk and applying a think layer. Wait around 10 minutes until your face feels stiff :) Peel or wash it off and your skin will feel tighter. Its like the effect of a botox

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Thanks for the great tips, ladies!

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Olive oil as an over night hair mask. Warm it before applying (without getting it too hot), wrap hair in shower cap and sleep. Wash off in morning with mild shampoo.

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One great product i've used is Renee Rouleau firming eye therapy. I use this product because I have been using and abusing makeup since i was younger and have modeled over the years so my face has had a lot of wear and tear due to it. I have been using the eye serum for over a year and i look alive once again I also have a beauty tip: It says eye therapy, but this is great for your entire face. It makes a GREAT primer for makeup and leaves your skin silky smooth.

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