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How to become a good boss

 How to run a shop,and how to make much more money?this is a question for many people.now we need talk something about these two questions.

1.      what would you need to do before you open a shop.for this question,I think you need do enough prepareing.

2.  The fisrt you need to do is save mone,don’t waste money,when you want to a ray ban 3025,and it will need to pay for much more money,now,I think you need to choose a oakley prescription sunglasses,because if you want to open the shop,the first thing that you need to do for this is to save moey.you can to open the shop,own the money,the more the better.so,you can try your best to do it,and when you choose the products,if it necessary for you,you can buy it,and if not,I think you needn’t to buy it.you can consider about it.

3.  The second thing that you need to do before you open a shop is to learn something about your sho,some ability,and you should find some information about the same shop from the internet.I think you will find you can known some knowledge.if you want to open a clothes shop,you should known what is the most fashion and attractive.and does ray ban 2140also can sell out soon now.and what price that the clients can accept,this knowledege you should to known.this is necessary for you.

4.  when your part-time,don’t miss the time,you can go out and to search the market,and to known what products you can sell and what products you needn’t to import.and run a shop,you should known where to run?this is also an important thing,if you find a good place,you must make so much more money,and if you don’t find a ggod place,I think you can’t.this is the most important thing for a businessmen to run a shop.if you want to sell the handbags,you need to know what you can sell?the porsche carrera sunglasses,the ran ban glass or just need to sell the usuall one,this is according to the clients,and the place.the place whether the people can afford it,and what they need.these are most important questions for you.

  Those are some preparing for you to oen a shop,and all of them are necessary for you,you can try your best to do it.except these preparing form the outside,we need some prepare from ourselves.I think what shop you begain to run,you should known a sentence,something need to wait,especially for running a shop,if you don’t have enough patience,you won’t make much more money.every shop when you just open,don’t have so many people come to buy it.because they don’t believe it,and don’t known about it.even though the carrera sunglasses for men shop also like this.so,we need the patience.some people can’t insist at the begaining,so,they can’t get succeful.what ever you want to do,you need believe yourself,and pay more patience,I think you will make much more money.

  This is for the begain,and how to make the shop running good all the time,I think this is not a easy thing,it need so much more time and need some methods.you need to known how to manage your shop,and how to distrbut your money,and how to make your benefit become more bigger.you should use your pen to write down all of the thing which took place druing this day,it will good for you.don’t forget it.and you need analysis why you can earn so much money or why you lost so much money this day,find the answer,and analysis why.for eaample,if today the discount oakley sunglasses sell so quickly than other days,this is why?maybe today is more hot than those days,or this time we import the glasses more fashion,so,more and more people like to order it.we need do the thing everyday.and why the Cheap ran ban sunglasses sell out more quickly those days,but now,the people don’t like it.we need to think maybe this glasses maybe already past,and it is not so fashion for clients.now,you need exchange them with other products.so,there are so many knowledge to run a shop.

  I have a question,do you know what is the most fashion product this year,and what the clients like to buy?and which products can attractive the people all the time,I think maybe you known it. ran ban sunglasses is more fashion,but you also need to known how long that the produter will change their atye,you need keep the fresh to your clients.we also need to study all the time if you want to open a shop and make so much more money.

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