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Proven and Effective Home Remedies for Hip Pain

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Proven and Effective Home Remedies for Hip Pain The most common cause of hip pain among middle-aged people is osteoarthritis.  According to Livestrong.com, osteoporosis is the breakdown of cartilage in the joint, which results in the formation of bone spurs, or humps of bone in the joint.  Other causes of hip pain are due to degenerative diseases and common injuries. Signs and Symptoms In most cases, the real hip pain occurs in the groin and then travels down to the thigh region.  People who suffer from hip pain experience restricted movements as well as limitation and interference in their daily activities (i.e. a simple activities like walking becomes tedious and difficult to execute).   There are hip problems that cause pain which are difficult to diagnose.  This becomes one of the main culprits that inflict stress and limits the capabilities of affected people in doing their normal day to day activities. Effective Home Remedies for Hip Pain Hip pain is truly debilitating, and though there are products in the pharmacy that can help you relieve the pain, there are also home remedies and tips that can also help you deal with it.  Below are some proven and effective home care tips to relieve the pain in your hips. ·         One of the simplest ways in avoiding and relieving your body from the agony of hip pain is by getting enough rest.  Learn to avoid activities than can trigger stress in your lower back to prevent the pain from recurring.  If you have a very fast-paced lifestyle, always take time to rest every time you are feeling the tension caused by the activities you are doing. ·         If you are already in pain, the most available home remedy you can use to relieve yourself is an ice pack.  Apply it on the area where you experience the most pain. ·         Use thick bandage like Ace bandage to wrap around your pelvis and hip to lessen the pain. ·         To lessen the pain in your hip, elevate your lower back and try to recline your feet up. ·         Stretch your lower back muscles to prevent hip pain but don’t overdo it.  Stretching can prevent and relieve hip pain by lessening the stress in your joints and muscles. ·         Try doing exercises that increase your joint’s range of motion and strengthen the muscles around your hips. ·         Exercises like walking (in a shallow pool or on a flat surface), swimming, bike riding, yoga, and yoga are suitable for people who have hip pain. You should also remember to avoid physical activities like running, exercises that keep your leg away from your body, squatting, and heavy weights lifting when you are experiencing pain around your hips. If the home remedies above don’t work and you still experience severe hip pain, you should contact your doctor immediately to avoid serious health complications that could arise due to hip problems.

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