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Cheap products that I didn't think would work...but actually do!

I like to consider myself both a "brand buyer" and a "budget buyer" when it comes to beauty products. When I was a broke college student I was a "budget buyer"and after I graduated and started making some money I became a "brand buyer". Now, I'm just a little bit of both.

I was pretty experimental when it came to beauty puchaces, mostly beause of my very stubborn and persistent acne, and never ending post acne scars- not to mention my legs and feet were always as dry as the Saharah. After spending, hundreds- yes hundreds- of dollars on higher ened products (while still remaining faithful to the cheaper things that I loved) what did I learn??-- that sometimes the cheaper things are acutally better than the fancier, expensive versions.

Case 1: I've always had an issue with the heels of my feet being SUPER dry. I like to get pedicures somewhat regularly because I love how soft my feet are afterward, and I just like to pamper myself occasionally. However, give or take a week or two and my feet are back to being bone dry again. When I couldn't make it to get a pedi, I'd to it myself- it didn't last as long but I'd made an effort which was better then letting my feet turn into hawk claws. Once, I was given this piece of advice (there on TB, no less) to put Vasaline on my feet and put on some thick socks before going to bed. I'd heard this advice before-I'd just never listened because I thought that my high end, fancy pants foot cream would do the job. When I realized it was going nowhere, I gave up and purchased some Vasaline. After doing this twice...for two days...my feet felt 50x more moisturized than they had just 3 days before- even after I got out of the shower. There is no peeling, no ashyness- nothing. I can even go a day or two without applying it and they still won't get as dry as they used to. I kick myself for waiting so long.


Case 2: My skin has been an issue for me since I'd hit puberty. It got worse after I turned 26 and deciced to get off the pill. Hundreds of dollars on acne treatments, dermatologists, acne kids, perscriptions, etc. and still no results. In 2010, my doctor helped me get rid of the acne, and I was left with the scars. I found a bar of Palmers Skin Success Even Tone Complexion Soap in a beauty supply store while waiting for my sister to purchase something for her hair. I started using it once a day, just to help remove makeup. After a few weeks some of the scars started to fade. I decided to use one on my forhead as an experiment. Give or take 3 months and the scar was gone. 100% G-O-N-E.  I've sworn by this soap ever since. All of my scars are not completely gone (some of them were really deep) but they are almost gone, which is good enough for me because there were some products that I've used that showed ZERO change after months of use.

The moral of this very long story: don't judge a product by its price tag. Sometimes the most old fashioned remedy or unimportant looking product could be the thing you need to get the results you want.



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We need to get miss brown and eli on the FRONT PAGE!!!  Great info!

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Cheap panty liners. Why? Because you don't use them for panty liners. If you run out of cotton balls, they are great for blending foundation,etc. BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE - 2 oz bottle of texturizing, setting lotion for $1.00. It is HIGHLY concentrated. I put a bit in a spray bottle, add water and spray it on wet or dry hair. Great for limp hair. I know because of how it makes my hair handle. Brush it through and blow it out. My feathers stay all day. Also, $1.00 -  placenta  hair conditioner(leave in), tube of grape seed oil for conditioning hair & so much more. $2.00 bottle of fast drying top coat. It's a Hoof Lacquer. Estee Lauder - I think, it's Lauder - has a similar product for LOTS more.Also $2.00 - tube of Queen Helene, mud and apricot facial scrub, exfoliator. Can use every day, I LOVE it! (Family Dollar).Family Dollar, 2 liter Coca-Cola $1.04.  I HAVE turned into a Family Dollar freak. My girlfriend had to break my arm to get me to try Family Dollar cold cream make-up remover. Growing up, I used Helena Rubenstein. Now, I love the F.D. cold cream.

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Palmer's skin soap has been around forever! Lots of times, brands (like  Palmer's and Ponds) have made a good rep for themselves,over the years and that brings them staying power. It's good to get information on products, themselves, such as, who owns this company? Payot owns L'Oreal and L'Oreal bought Maybelline (maybe 20yrs back). To me, that meant I instantly HAD to try Maybelline products because I wasn't too fond of the brand and as anyone can see, Maybelline has stepped up to the mark. There are a few I like and use - Soft 'n Full Mascara (love it!). Their eyeliner pencils,black or brown - use a good brush to smudge and it has staying power. (I'm still a brush user. Brushers,fingers & hands and,of course, cotton balls, Q-tips). Maybelline also has a nice compact powder and a loose powder. I was surprised at how I liked the loose powder. I use Alexandria de Markoff loose powder, so compared to that, Maybelline's loose and compact powder is still OK with me! Another surprising brand -WET 'n WILD. WnW  has made products that were really appealing but not the best,once you got it home. Other companies, Revlon for one, has picked up on at least one WnW product. A cream eyeliner which is great! The cream eyeliner from WnW came with a FANTASTIC brush, but the product ...... not so good. Revlon's copy IS good and with a cool, little eyeliner brush. There are some more from Wet 'n Wild, but I can't recall. They are always good for a great schmooze. Let's tackle acne! There is a product called "REZAMID"!!!  It was prescription,then over the counter. For the first time in my life,I got it off the shelf, last month, at my pharmacy. I almost hit the ground. Rezamid has a sister product, named SULFACET. Last time I knew, it was only prescription and still might be. GO TO YOUR PHARMACY NOW AND ASK FOR REZAMID. NOW! RIGHT NOW! It has a little color tube,so you can make it very dark. It may burn a little on sensitive skin(like mine - even some ROC products burn my skin). You can apply it heavily and it's almost like a mask. I watched my sister use it, when I was in grammer school and she in high school. Literally, can't live without it. Family Dollar has  a great brand of facial cloths that soap up, without water and are sturdy. Family Dollar,Deals other bargain places carry L.A. LOOKS SPORT. This is a gel that comes in 2 or 3 colors and is made by  Schwarzkopf & Henkel;the same company that makes 'got 2b glued'. I love got 2b glued, blasting freeze spray, but the LA LOOKS SPORT get is fantastic! The yellow is X-TRA hold and I mean X-TRA! If I put it in my wet hair, the hair comes out curly by scrunching and letting it air dry or a slight blo. I use the blue gel. Just washed or dry...usually dry, I squeeze it onto palm of hand and get the ends or the parts I want to stay (I have layers around my face, down to and past my chin and sometimes I want those babies to stay FEATHERED!) It takes a bit longer to dry, because of the gel, but not too long - I do have to give myself some x-tra time. I've got a larger round brush and and do my thing with the blo-dryer and it's great! So bargain store hunting for products, just takes a little reading, a little liking and trying and you WILL find some good stuff. Especially, when you read who makes it, etc. You'll be surprised!

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I think I'm going to have to try that soap it sounds amazing!

by sportimonki13 2 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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