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Women at the gym

Alright ladies excuse me while I rant...

this is really just a pet peeve of mine and I'll admit I'm biased on it but seriously, WHAT IS WITH LIFITNG 10 POUNDS AT THE GYM?! Why?! What is the point of going to the gym and using the weight machines if you're only going to lift 10 pounds?! You're not doing yourself or anyone that wants to use that machine any favors by lifting three sets of 10 pounds. Unless you really struggle to lift those 10 pounds you're not toning or building any muscle in your body. While I'm huffing and puffing with my 50+ pounds for my upper body and 70+ for my lower body I'm stuck staring at women that aren't breaking a sweat or missing a beat breathing while lifting 10 pounds. The was even one time a girl was talking on her phone while lifting and if you were on the other line with her you'd have no idea she was even working out! 

I just don't get the whole 10 pound thing. Very few women lift even close to as much as I do and I'm not even lifting that much! I'm 5 foot 1 and a half weighing about 130 pounds, give or take 7 of them at certain times, and women twice to three times my size and weight are lifting less than me, there's something wrong with that! It's one thing if you just started working out and you're trying to take it easy, but when I see you there every week and you're still lifting 10 pounds... what the hey?! 

Can someone please answer this for me? Why do so many women only lift 10 pounds for every machine they use? Are you afraid you're going to bulk up like a man? Are you afraid you're going to hurt yourself? Because you won't, toning and building your muscles only makes you look more feminine, strong and like you could hold your own and open your own pasta sauce, but still and attractive woman with little to no flab. The only way a woman can have the muscles of a man is by using steriods. And the whole hurting or straining your muscles thing, if you lift within your means then you shouldn't be in pain. 

I just really don't understand this whole working out without breaking a sweat or actually working thing... 

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