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Your Must-Have Eyeshadow Primers!

When I was young and naive, I used to put on my eyeshadows straight onto my lid and to my great surprise, they'd almost always be gone by the end of the day. Now I have mentioned on another blog entry that I am not very fond of reapplying my makeup during the day because it is just too time-consuming and I have already woken up earlier than I have to to put my makeup on, so I don't want to give it anymore time than I have to. 

I went online and found that eyeshadow primers are a great way to keep your eyeshadow and eyeliner on...FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. To me it was like David Copperfield pulling a car out of thin air...primers equal joy and magic wrapped into one ball of goodness. 


Over the years, I have tried on many primers and here are my favorites (in no particular order)...


1) Too-Faced Shadow Insurance


This is the one I have in stock now and if I must say, it's AWESOME! It's keep my makeup on all day AND in place. I think primers who meet both of these criteria are the best kind of primers because if a primer keeps the eyeshadow on the lid, but not where it was initially applied, then it is ineffective and not worth investing in. 


Not only is it long lasting, it is very smooth and easy to apply. The primer's color is a great foundation to put eyeshadow on, and during the course of the day, eyeshadow does NOT crease...a MIRACLE! The colors also look more vibrant and I think that's important if you are using expensive shadows because you get the most use out of them aesthetically.

Lastly it is easy to take off which is a bonus. My only disapproval of this product is that when you open it in the morning, there's an excess of oil that comes out first before the actual primer...just make sure you don't put the oil on your lids and you are good to go :)




2) Urban Decay Primer Potion



To me, I can already hear women around the world saying that the famous Primer Potion is the best primer around...and I do agree! Even on Ulta.com, there are 5 "pros" and  0 "cons" for this product. I think that says something about the primer because I have yet to find a product everyone unanimously loves (if you find another one with ratings like this, please tell me. I'm very curious as to what the product would be).

Anyways, to continue on with the review, I will point out some stuff most people probably already know about this miraculous product. It really does stay on your lids all day, and just like the prior primer I mentioned, it keeps shadows in place! It's smooth, the packaging is very pretty, and the eyeshadow is very crease-resistant when applied on top of this primer.

If you purchase the original primer, the eyeshadow colors look great. But if you purchase Sin, you give your eyeshadow a shimmering effect. The effect of this primer is so good that I know people who use it as their actual eyeshadow, so I think that's pretty nifty.

The only con I would have is that though the packaging is pretty, it isn't so great for retrieving product. If you use the one with the wand, you pump air into the tube every time you dip the wand back in, drying the product faster which I think is a waste of money. If you purchase the primer in the packaging you can squeeze the product out of, you definitely salvage more of the primer but it still takes effort to squeeze out the remnants. Personally, I say cut it open and take out the last remaining primer so you get your money's worth because it is expensive. Nonetheless, Urban Decay's Primer Potion is a great product which have given plenty of women, me included, that WOW moment when applied for the first time...it's AMAZING!

Interested in reading more of what I have to say? Visit my blog Makeup and Miscellaneous at http://janellelora.blogspot.com


PA <3

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Thanks for the recommendations. I haven't tried eyeshadow prinmer yet but I want too.

by Mysterylady 2 years, 2 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I agree. Too Faced and Urban Decay make the best eyeshadow primers.

by CaroleVonAllten 2 years, 2 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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