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A Guide to Being Fashionable for New Years Eve

As you all know, New Years Eve is coming up, and whether you're going to hit the clubs hosted by the Kardashians at the Las Vegas Strip or staying at home like me, you should ALWAYS dress fashion-forward. Here are some tips of how you should dress for where you are going. Courtesy to Betsey Johnson and Polyvore for all the outfits (I happen to love BJ because I think her clothes fit women like a glove; I have yet to feel not-womanly in her clothes).

So let's get started...

1) If you are going to head to a party or a club for New Years Eve, go with as much glitz and glamour as you can. I say dress up in cocktail dresses or long sleeved-mini dresses all decked out with sequences and any other plentiful sources of shine. Bright colors are great too if you are a bit afraid of harming yourself with sequences (I've actually cut the tip off my nose once with an embellishment; it was insane). Another criterion I would have for the dress I would pick out is that it should be skin tight (hubba hubba), so don't be afraid to show off your curves - God gave them to us for a reason you know! These are just some tips to follow as sparkle and shine is very trendy right now.

Here are some pictures to help you find what you need...


2) Heading to a dinner party with friends and/or family? Then dress up in a very 'casual-glam' manner. This means you should have an allure and sense of excitement, but still should fun and approachable. The outfit should be fun and flirty with maybe the choice of material being velvet?...Also, the finish of the dress should be matte, so pastel would work. Flower prints are totally appropriate too and maybe opt for a dress with short sleeves on top and a flowy skirt at the bottom...

3) Going to a Black Tie event? Then you MUST have a gown on. No, it's not mandatory, but if you want to be a part of the formality of the event, then a dress that goes all the way to the floor will be your best friend. Besides the length, everything else should be determined by your liking. Sequins?...no sequins? - up to you! Velvet or metallic...I prefer velvet. Also, something that's very trendy right now is lace. So have fun dressing up and enjoy taking some high-fashion photos.

  • The picture of Mila Kunis was something I found and I believe worth posting because it is a formal gown but it's also very 40s inspired, which is something very in-fashion right now

4) Just because you're going to stay in for New Years Eve doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. I prefer to pair skinny jeans or leggings (which have to have some kind of texture, shine, or different color) with a tunic or a blouse with a really cool graphic on it. This ensemble comes of very casual but still follows the rules of fashion. Here are some examples, and just to add a little something, I think that number 4 is the best and easiest way to dress, making it a clear winner!


Now if you plan on changing your look from day to night, or you're just a cool kid and are heading off to numerous parties, don't forget to change your look so all of your pictures have different outfits :). You haveunlimited ways in which you could change your outfits - be it your jacket and hat, or by adding some leggings. For goodness sake, change your shoes: you can choose from boots and booties, heels and flats! Also, don't forget to fix up your make up. Here are some accessories you can add or take away from your ensemble to look totally fresh, new and still fashionable.




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