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How to choose comb?

Everyone knows that hair is very important, to achieve and maintain healthy hair requires more than just your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Having the right tools and knowledge is just as important in your daily hair care regimen.

There are two primary functions for using a comb:

  1. To help separate and detangle the individual hairs so that the comb teeth can reach the scalp to release the sebum, stimulate blood circulation, and to remove dirt.
  2. To assist in creating your preferred cut, style and technique.

Based on above, choosing the right comb(s) becomes very important. As we mentioned in earlier blogs, there are many types combs to choose from. Selecting the right comb for your hair care regimen, depends on a few factors: hair type, function, occasion and style. No matter what hair type you have, it is very important to have combs with various spacing between the teeth. Additional factors you should consider is knowing the quality and material your comb is made of (please refer to other blogs within this site)

  1. Hair type:
    • Long or high density hair may choose extra wide tooth comb, these combs are considered large rakes due to the generous spacing between the teeth and overall size and diameter of each individual tooth. The combination of these attributes also helps to comb and detangle wet or dry hair while preventing hair breakage. Combs such as White Horn Wide Teeth and Rosewood Teeth Insert 7-14from our collection are much larger than the average wide tooth combs. Extra wide tooth combs, can tackle the toughest jobs for combing and detangling high density, wet or dry hair.
    • Long hair, but relatively low density hair may choose combs with less spacing between the teeth, we have a wide range of selection to fall into this one such as: Peach Wood 3-46Rosewood Joint 1-14Boxwood Natural Dyed Purple 7-7, etc
    • Short hair, regardless of density, you can choose anything you like.
    • Curly hair, depends on the density, might want to choose one row or two rows teech insert combs such as: Rosewood Teeth Insert 4-8, Rosewood Teeth Insert 2-10.
  2. Function:
  3. Occasion:
    • In your purse or pocket, if you need a portable one that you can always carry with your purse,Boxwood Hand Painted 10-16 and White Horn 9-1 might be your preference, of course if you want a perfect set which is a combo of comb and mirror, you would love this: Gift Set-Mirror Hollow Out The Face.
    • In bathroom, you can use any combs, but in order to keep your combs in good shape and last long, please use the dry cloth to wipe the water off of the comb.
    • As a gift, like we introduced in earlier blog, it’s great idea to give the comb as a gift for various personal reason, birthday gift, annuversity gift,wedding gift, also for professional occassions, a gift for your VIPs, a gift for customer, vendors, partner relationshps, etc. Our Gift Set category will meet your needs.

Finally, the most important factor for selecting your combs, is breaking the rules!  Always use your best judgement for what is right for you and your hair type, why? it’s simple, no one knows your desires, needs or wants better than youself.  Don’t limit your combs, be creative and flexible with your comb collection.

For more info about combs and hair care, please visit :


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