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Take the plunge, get waxed


     I was never a believer in professional hair removal.  I always thought it was a waste of money, why should I pay someone to do something I can do myself?  A razor works just as well right? And I didn't want to have to pay someone to rip my hair out.

    When I was getting married I decided to wax my bikini line.  I was going to Florida for my honeymoon and I didn't want to deal with razor bumps or stubble (I have very sensitive skin and can't shave there more than every 4th day).  I bought a wax kit and first tried doing my underarms myself.  The wax wouldn't stay warm enough, the hair didn’t come out and it was a disaster.  So, I went online and read reviews for waxers in my area and booked an appointment with a waxing salon (they don't in fact offer any other service) with an experienced technician.

    I had a wonderful experience!  It was very welcoming and clean, and my technician was fabulous. She made me feel so comfortable and was just awesome to talk with.  She did a great job!  I was stubble free, irritation free, and silky smooth for 4 weeks.  I go regularly now and have found that being super smooth makes me feel girly.  I still only wax my bikini line, I have fine hair and I can handle the rest of it on my own, but I might consider doing something more for a special occasion.

   Moral of the story is, there is nothing to be afraid of!  It will hurt a little bit (if anyone tells you it doesn't they are LYING!), but no more than a burny scalp during bleaching.  These people are professionals and have seen everything, don't be insecure about your body.  In fact, pampering yourself will make you feel better about your body.  A couple tips going in:

- Do your research!  Any good salon will post their services and experience of their staff online.  If you arrive and it’s dirty or makes you feel uncomfortable, run!

- Personally I recommend a waxing salon, they are specialized and there is no judgment.  They only hire experienced staff (you won’t get a makeup artist who only waxes when the salon is busy)

- Shower right before your appointment.  You’ll get less ingrown hairs if you gently exfoliate before and being clean for someone who's going to be very close to you is just polite

- Start small, don't do your whole leg or a brazilian on your first visit.  Start with your lower leg or a modest bikini first.  If you like it, you can do more next time around.  As with anything, waxing isn't for everybody and you may not like it.

- Exfoliate after wards and regularily  Anytime you remove any hair, you can get ingrown hairs.  Just a quick rub with a luffa will take care of any of that.

     Waxing isn't for everybody, but before you swear yourself against it, give it a try.  It's easy, convenient and pretty darn fun.  Embrace your body and take good care of it. 

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Thanks for the tips.

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