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review- sula natural lip and cheek stain in whatever comes nexta Tarte cheek stain dupe!)

A week ago, I went to ULTA. Going to ULTA is kind of a big deal for me becuase it is the only place I can get NYX products in my area(I know some CVS stores are know for carrying some NYX but mine don't) . Going to ULTA is really fun, my my closest ULTA is actually 45 minutes away and the drive is sooooooo boring. So, when I go to ULTA, I always make a shopping list in  my  head of exactly what I need so I don't go into the store and get all makeup happy and start buying things I don't need. Last time, I was a little off track though. I came in for the NYX eyeshadow base, one NYX jumbo eye pencil, and a NXY Rouge Cream Blush. But, I can't tell you how many times I picked up a Jasmine La Belle gloss then put it down. Or how many times I added an Essence Shimmer Powder to my bag and then took it out. I was so off track! But, one thing I did find that I did buy even though it was not on my shopping list was this little tint. I know that Sula is a Canadian brand ( oh, I ENVY you Canadians!) I'm not sure is this is considered a drugstore brand or just something you can get online. I was extremely surprised to see  this brand at ULTA! For those of you who don't know, Sula also  makes amazing nail polishes called Paint and Peels where you paint it on and just peel it off instead of using nail polish remover. At ULTA, they had powder blushes, these little tints, lipsticks, and I think eyeshadows. All of it was $8 (it is a little pricey, but I was happy to pay for it:) This tint was really the only thing that really stood out to me, all of it looked nice but this is the one thing I REALLY wanted to try. I really like that this tint has a sticker on the cap that shows the color of the actual product. I think that this is really handy because if you had a few different colors you could easily see which color was which by looking at the sticker. Plus, the name of the color is printed really tiny on the bottom so if you could not read it or something, you can still quickly see the color. Above, I tried to show you guys the cap compared with the actual tint. I hope you can see that they are actually really similar and pretty much exact in color. The cap color is a bit lighter than the actual color though. The color is a BEAUTIFUL natural pink shade. it starts of sheer, but is definetly buildable for a more intense color. I think this tint is a really uniqe color. By the looks of it, all of the colors at the ULTA dispaly were really pretty but I thought this one was the shade that would look best on me. You get a really decent amount of product. I was actually surprised by how little product it takes to cover both cheeks. I think this stick will last me a VERY long time! As soon as a opened the cap for the first time, I noticed an intoxicating peach-y scent than reminded me so much of the Tarte Cheek Stains, I nearly fainted. I mean, the Tarte Cheek Stains have a VERY distinctive scent, I have never smelled anything quite like them. But these tints have the exact same scent! Trust me, I love Tarte Cheek Stains and own two. But, the thing is that they are VERY pricey. $30 for a full size, $11 for a to-go(the ones I have). So, you definetly save some money if you get the Sula tints instead of a Tarte cheek stain. The more I looked at them, I realized how similar the Sula tints and the Tarte cheek stains really are. They both blend like a charm, last all day, come in stick form, and smell like tangy peaches. The only real difference is that the Sula tint is a creamy feel and the Tarte stain is a jelly/stain type of feel. But, they are very similar! Price-1- $8 Brand-2- Sula Name-3- Natural Lip and Cheek Tint Color-4- Whatever Comes Next Like?-5- Yes. Repurchase?-6- Maybe. Reccomend?-7- Yes. *I bought this with my own money,was not told to make this post in any way,and all opinions are my own!
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