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What to Look For In Makeup

What To Look For In Makeup   Before I got into makeup, I just chose whatever product seemed to "in". I believed that high end makeup was the best and I disregarded other brands. I would think to myself since it's high-end and pricey it must work and disregarded the quality of the makeup. Now through my "makeup journey" I have developed a more open approach to all brands (high and low end) and instead of looking at the brand and price I look for other components that I will list below, which is something that people disregard. Some people think what I thought "since its high end it must work", "drugstore makeup is low quality", and etc. However, the brand does not make up the product because a high-end foundation can cost you $50.00 and  be a piece a junk. What makes the product is the quality of it and how it performs. Hopefully in this post I can guide you how to make a wise desicion in making a makeup purchase-whether it be foundation, blush, eyeshadow, tools, etc and save you some money doing it.

What to look for in makeup:

Pigmentation: Does it take a lot swipes of the product to get any color on?

The reason why this is important is because if you need a lot swipes to get anything on the product the product will run out faster and hence it will be money down the drain. Now out in the market there is many drugstore makeup that has amazing pigmentation such as WetnWild that has crazy good pigmentation for eyeshadows for less than $5!

Texture: Is it runny, creamy, thick, light and it is that what you want? 

If the product is not what you are looking for then return it. Do you really want to wear a powdery eyeshadow?

Application: Is it easy to apply? Do you have the tools needed to apply the product?

If you don't have the adequate brush needed to use the product and are on a tight budget, then don't buy it because its more $$$ spent and then it might not be worth it.

Price: Is it in your price range? Can you get a deal on the product? 

Try to stay within budget and get the most out of your money whether your budget is high or low.

If you are buying from the drugstore make sure you check out the store's deals in the ad or online from blogs or even my weekly deals page. If you are purchasing from the makeup counter ask your consultant to show you how to use the products and ask if you can get any free samples or freebies from your purchase.

Cost per ounce (usually placed in the bottom of product): Is it worth the ounces for its price? Does it have a lot of product or a little? 

This is a factor that so many people overlook when buying makeup or anything really. This is such a vital factor of the product because you want to get the most out of your product. For example, I purchased a concealer that in all cost $30-40 I can't remember at the moment and it has .3 oz worth of product! I was outraged when I saw how little product it was and of course it a great concealer but I have a Maybelline concealer that is way better and only a fraction of the price! If I would have only known. All in all, check out the oz. because you might realize that you dont want to spend a lot of $$ for little product.

Is it made for you?: hypoallergenic? for sensitive, oily, or dry skin?

Will you actually use it after bought?: Really ask yourself that question. :)
Have you checked out any reviews before buying it?
Go on youtube and check out reviews of the product you want to buy because it can influence your desicion before buying it. It might be an amazing product worth buying or maybe it doesn't live up to its hype.
Hopefully the guidelines above have helped you in what to look for in makeup next time you go shopping and save some $$$.

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