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My Proactiv review

I started getting acne in 4th grade, and it has plagued me ever since. I have tried everything, REALLY. Clean & Clear, Acne Free, Mary Kay, Neatrogena, and so much more. All of them failed to cure my acne, some even made it worse. I was starting to give up hope.


Late one night i was watching the 3:00am ads on tv, when a Proactiv commercial appeared on tv. I saw Jessica Simpson talking about how much she loves Proactiv and how well it worked, i would've laughed at guilible ads like this, but i was actually kinda interested in this. I did some research and found so many good reviews on it, and i was just about ready to try anything to get rid of my acne.


I ordered the Proactiv online (i don't trust the tv numbers), and it came in the mail 4 LONG weeks later. I started using it right away. 1 day after using it i could tell my face looked alot better, and the next day was even better. About a week of my looking slighty better every day. But the next week it stopped. Nothing changed and my acne was still there. I gave up and put the product back in it's box and into my closet. I continued to test different products and Proactiv kept coming in the mail every 3 months, and going into my closet. Untill i then got a letter talking about the "new" Proactiv. You could just change your old proactiv order to new proactiv, so i thought "why not?" i mean, i wasn't using the old stuff anyway. So i fixed the order and waited for this new stuff to come in the mail.


3 months later i get a package in the mail. I eagrly open up the package to find.... OLD Proactiv. I called to see what was up with the order. APPARENTLY my order didn't get changed and i had to re-do the order. I expected a package in the mail everyday, but nothing came, untill 4 months later. When i finally did get the product i got started right away. I pretty much had the same reaction. It worked for the first day, but then several days later i started breaking out! I continued using it for a week and gave up because i was tired of waking everyday with even MORE pimples!


So LONG story short, Proactiv failed my test, and i am still on a journey to find the "magic" cure for acne.

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This might not help you-but my skin never like sacylic acid, I NEVER saw results with it. My skin is now the best it's ever looked, but just using any kind of non-sacylic acid cream cleasner. Like Noxema, or Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser(: 

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Avon has a product that is similar to ProActive. My niece uses it and has seen some really great results. She used to use ProActive but it left her face really dry and flakey. I've seen a big change in her skin too. Avon's Clearskin Professional is relatively inexpensive it costs about $32 for the set (cleanser, lotion, pads) but it's often on sale. I've seen it as low as $24. You can also buy the items seperately for about $9. And you don't have to pay a membership you buy as you need. So here is the link so you can read more about it. http://tinyurl.com/ClearSkinProfessional 

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O I hated proactiv worst ever. I've been using retin-a. Maybe you might try that?

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