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Steps To Natural Beauty

If you didn’t know it already, real beauty starts from within. To look beautiful, you have to feel beautiful and feeling beautiful starts from taking care of ourselves. We are what we eat and what we do. Our habits, even if not discussed, will most definitely show up front and center on our face. So in order to shine, you must first know how to glow from the inside out.

1. Get plenty of rest (not doing that)

It is Six to eight hours of sleep are necessary for regaining and rebuilding all body tissues; especially skin.

2. Exercise regularly (not doing that)

5-30 minutes of exercise daily to oxygenate tissues and remove toxins.

3. Eat a balanced diet (on occassion…gettin better)

Eat fresh green salad three times per week. (No iceburg lettuce!)

Eat a whole orange every night before retiring is great too! Include sea
salt in your diet. Eliminate table salt completely.

4. Drink a least eight glasses of water daily (ummm…does Kool-Aid count?)

Drink four to six glasses daily to ward off fatigue and hydrate tissues.

5. Exfoliate your skin (that I do)

The reason that aging skin looks dull and lifeless is because old, dead skin cells have collected on the surface of the skin. Skin brushing weekly or application of
exfoliating products to stimulate new tissue growth and clean kidneys.

6. Give yourself a weekly facial and monthly total body treatment (I do that)

Healthy skin comes from having a good daily facial skin care routine. Your skin is able to cleanse, heal and even renew itself. How effectively it does these things is partly governed by how well you take care of it.

7. Avoid excess amounts of alcohol, tea, and coffee.

Anything taken in excess can be harmful to the body. And with these drinks that are diuretics, they dehydrate the body and flush out vitamin B which is vital for thick hair, hard nails, and glowing skin.

8. Use sun protection (I do…clothes)

With the sun, beauty does depend on the outside. If skin is not protected from UVB and UVA rays, the damage to skin can be irreversible. Ultraviolet rays will cause sun spots, and will cause wrinkles.

9. Use natural beauty products (I use Sophie’s Soaps and Such..shameless plug!)

Make your own beauty products to keep harmful chemicals off of your skin. Homemade creams, soaps and other products can be just as luxurious and fragrant as their commercial counterparts but you can avoid artificial chemicals – and the headache of dealing with all that packaging waste.

10. Smile! (That I do all the time)

It’s easy to forget to do that in our busy and overbooked lives, but our healthy and beauty depends on finding a way to. And remember; don’t dwell on the past or things not achieved. Look forward to new adventures and roads to travel. Look in the mirror, smile and say, “I’m beautiful!”

11. Don’t smoke.

Like caffeine, smoking depletes the body of Vitamin B. The elastin fibers which keep skin supple, thicken and fragment in people who smoke. This is known
as premature aging. The smoke will cause skin to look shriveled, dull, blotchy, and heavily wrinkled. Smokers develop “smoker’s lines,” a distinct type of wrinkling around the lips due to repeated puckering of the lips. Very unattractive, not to mention the yellowing of the teeth. Just stop smoking, if not for your health, than for beauty’s sake!


Q: I guess I have more to work on. How about you?

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Thanks @addkg777!

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great tips!

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