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The RIGHT WAY on how to wash your hair

We all know how to wash our hair, it´s easy, but there are things that most of us don´t know. Here are a list of things that you might not be conscience of that you may be doing:

  • Washing your hair in hot water

You might ask what is wrong with doing that? well, hot water would cause irritacion and reddness to your scalpt cause it´s actually penetrating the pores in your scalpt and irritates it causing dry, itchy hair, and besides that it takes the shine and natural oils from you hair, It´s better to use cold or warm water, I recommend cold because it leaves your hair with more shine and is more easy to wash your hair with.


  • Washing your hair Too Much or putting TOO MUCH shampoo

It´s good to you shampoo twice when you need a good clean up and to wash wash your hair alot to keep it clean, but doing both too many times can cause damage. Your scalpt produces natural oils that hidrates and keeps your hair healthy, too many cleaning could stop it´s process of producing it, and thats what could leave to dry, dandruff hair with no shine. It´s more recommendable too deep condition your hair more often and put treatments on it, that why you can keep your hair clean, healthy and frizz-FREE!


  • Washing your hair and leaving the condictioner on

This would cause dryness and dandruff.This used to happen to me, and I used to have a lot of dandruff. It could be that you don´t rinse the conditioner off your hair the right way or the conditioner isn´t good for you. My problem was my conditioner, you see if you buy a cheap conditioner the least you should expect is that it will work on you. That happened to me, I used conditioners that were made in my country (just trying them out) and they gave me a bad case of dandruff. Then I started buying Pantene and Head and Shoulders (the most known) again and it rediemed my hair! Since then I have never gone to the drugstore to buy a "Local" or cheap shampoo.


  • Untangling when washing hair

This is the #1 mistake that we all make; Untangling our hair before putting conditioner. Some people say that there is no problem with that but it´s been proved that combing it while wet can pull the roots of your hair and literally pluck the strands of your hair causing hair loss. It´s recomendable that before you wash your har (when it´s dry) you comb your hair throughly until it´s completly untangled and instead of combing it before you apply the the condictioner, apply the conditioner first and comb it. Applying the conditioner makes your hair softer and easier to comb without having to stuggle with knots and tangled hair.

  • What to do when your Done?

Always apply your favorite leave-in-cream, I use Frutis Garnier!

I hope the advice worked!

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I´m glad the advice worked for you guys, I hope you follow my advice because the most important thing to a healthy hair and scalp is to wash your hair the right way! ;)

by BarbieVampiresa 2 years, 8 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

lol I do most of this stuff when i wash my hair! I prefer to wash my hair everyday, because by the third day of not washing my hair it's an oily mess! It's easier for me to just wash my hair everyday without the hassle. And I also wash it in hot water because I heard using hot water cleanses it better. I've never had any problems. Probably because my hair is oily, but for normal/dry hair that probably wouldn't be a good thing to do.  

by rockgal911 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

It's okay to wash your hair in warm water while showering, but you should blast it with cold water at the end, which is also good for your skin,too because it closes the pores of skin and cuticle of hair. Carole VonAllten

by CaroleVonAllten 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Exactly, the conditioner has to be washed off the right way otherwise it will lead to some consequences... but it also depends on the quality of the conditioner.

by BarbieVampiresa 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I always leave the conditioner in my hair for a little bit. Otherwise my hair is really dry, and it breaks off. But I could see that if you left the conditioner on (with no rinse) then you would have a problem.

by MissPurple 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I think they don´t, but there is a spelling check box that appears everytime I am going to post a blog, and since I know I don´t have perfect grammer (no one does) I try to correct it by activating the grammer checking box but it´s never available. Pardon for my bad grammer, next time I´ll search the words up in google to correct it! thnx you!

by BarbieVampiresa 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

This is lovely, except... does Total Beauty have editors on its staff?  I have caught so many typos and misspellings in this article, it is virtually unreadable. "Hidrates" ... "scalpt" ... "condictioner" ...    It isn't that difficult to have someone read through and correct. It preserves the credibility of the writer and those who run the site.   THANK YOU!!!

by elaine_z_watkins 2 years, 9 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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