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Make your Nails grow fast Homemade recipe!

Well, you all know that onions will speed up your hair grownth by just putting unions in your shampoo right?                        Well, the past couple of months I wanted to find a EASY, NATURAL and FAST way to grow my nails WITH OUT having to try products. So I started to think if onions make your hair grow would it make your nails grow to? Then I spontaneously made a mix of onions and it worked! I say that I thought of it, because i never read anything about onions being good for your nails so I would say I invented it XD

It´s not a very known recipe cause I did it myself


  • Onions 
  • Honey
  • Garlic (Opcional)
  • lemon juice


1.Cut the onions in half.

2.Squeeze the onions with a lemon squeezer and try to take the juice out (If that doesn´t work put then put the onions in a cup with just a tiny amount af water and shake it until you think you´ve got enough onions juice)

3.take the juice and put it in a small container or bowl.

4.add in a little honey (don´t put too much you don´t want it to turn gooey or sticky)

5.then do the same thing you did to take the onion juice with the garlic (also cutting the garlic in two) then put it in the mix, and maybe a couple of drops of pure lemon juice then mix that in as well.

7.When you are done put the mix into an empty nail polish bottle, in a clear nail polish or if you don´t have any store it in a small container in a fresh place

How to Apply:

-With a nail polish brush or your finger you apply it, I recomment to apply it all over your cuticles because thats were your nail starts from it will help to grow faster and will keep your cuticles healthy.


Hope it Helped!

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sounds like a great DIY trick. thanks!

by aly7 2 years, 8 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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