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Kiehl's Amazonian Clay Masque

One of our Total Beauty readers won a special VIP ticket to Kiehl's exclusive launch of their limited edition product, Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. The Masque was designed by actors Michael C. Hall and Chloe Sevigny and on Thursday, April 7, they, with Kiehl's President Chris Salgardo, hosted a shopping spree where all proceeds went to the grassroots organization, Waterkeeper Alliance.  

See below of my Q&A with Mr. Salgardo. 

TB: Mr. Salgardo, it's a pleasure to meet with you to talk about the new Kiehl's Masque. What is it about this purifying masque that sets it apart from all the other ones in the market?

CS: Rare Earth is a product that we've had in the line for many many years and we decided to renovate it, because at Kiehl's if we can find a better ingredient or a better delivery system, we'll do it. And we found this ingredient, Amazonian white clay, a fair trade ingredient. When we tested it the results were incredible. it absolutely purified the skin [and] tightened the pores better than any masque we've seen. So it's something you use two to three times a week to get incredible skin. [Using this ingredient], we make a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I swear by the cleanser and it's my faovirte product. Oh my god, it's amazing. it feels like you're washing your face with clay, so it's really very unique. 

TB: it has that clay texture? 

CS: It feels like mud. 

TB: And you use it every day?

CS: To clean my face every single day and it exfoliates, and I'm a big believer in exfoliatoin because your skin gets clogged really quickly -- especially if you're a woman and you wear makeup. So if you exfoliate on a regular basis, your moisturizer will work better for you and you use less of it.

TB: That's interesting, because there's a formidable camp who believes that you should exfoliate once a week at most. What is your take on that?

CS: Depends on the exfoliant. At Kiehl's since all products are formualted for senstive skin they're all prety gentle. They'll get the job done. You don't want to go in there [in to your skin] and go rawr and like rip your skin off. You want to be gentle.

TB: There are so many stand out products in the Kiehl's collection, there are so many customer favorites. What is it about Kiehl's that consumers love so much and keep coming back to in your opinion?

CS: Easy. Kiehl's has always been about one thing and it's quality and it's been quality for 160 years. We spend nothing on outer packaging -- all of it is going to finding the best ingredients you can have for your skin and that's what we put in the product.

TB: What is it about the Waterkeeper Alliance that stood out to you that made you want to partner up with it?

CS: When you think about water in general, we turn the faucet on, and the water comes out. When you see the water floating in the rivers and waterways it's kind of scary and we just take [clean water] for granted. [The Waterkeeper Alliance] will actually get out there on a boat, pick up trash and raise awareness all across America. if you see what's in your water, it's a lil scary. There are so many organizations to get behind, but for us, water is kind of critical. You can't do without clean water so it was the right organization to be a part of. 


Kiehl Event w/Chris Salgardo

The Total Beauty winner, Kiehl's President Chris Salgardo and me!

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