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My New Best Friend

 This is my first bolg post. I love TotalBeauty for the great reviews. I have learned so much about so many different things. There wasn't a category for Tide BraBags, but I had to share this great product and what led me to buy it. I know my story is long, but I hope it helps someone. Please enjoy.


Let me start by saying my dryer is always hungry and it hates me. There has been many times I have opened the dryer to see one of my bras dangling from the top taunting me. The first time I could only stare in amazment. Looking closely I saw it was caught between the drum and the body of the dryer. To the amusement of my family I crawled halfway in the dryer to retrieve it. I tried so hard to be careful, but alas it was no use. The hook of my bra would never be the same again.

  For awhile I tried handwashing them. Living in the all male household of my husband and two sons they would disappear. I would find them in some of the strangest places, such as underneath the good i.e. "company" tableclothes or behind the hair and beauty "misses". The last straw was finding my favorite bra balled up in the hall closet. It was time to get out the bright light and interrogate the male members of my household. The culprits were my two sons who hid the "embarrasing things" when their friends dropped by.

  So now it was time to try to outwit the dryer. I tried everything I could think of and the dryer laughed. Now it wasn't just eating my bras it was after my other delicates. I tried washing them by themselves. It ate three. I swear I heard a chuckle as I opened the dryer door and saw them hanging lined up as pretty as you please. I tried one of my husbands mesh shirts. I hate sewing, but I sewed the openings and left a very small part open. Didn't work. Now ladies I'm sure you know that a good bra is not cheap. The final straw came when I opened the dryer door and saw half a bra. Yes, you read that right, half a bra. The evil dryer bit it right through the middle. It wasn't just any bra. It was my favorite. It fit just right. Not too big and not too small. It gave the right amount of lift. It was perfect. After I dried my tears I went to replace it. Then tragedy struck. The store I got it from only had three left and none of them were my size. I walked up to the counter to find out when they would be getting more. The salesperson told me they wouldn't be ordering more. After searching for hours I finally found a replacement. It wasn't as good as the one the evil dryer ate. I love wearing tank tops and this one doesn't fit right under some of them. It made me miss my favorite even more. Now I haunt the internet trying to find the one I had before.

  Determined to beat the evil dryer I went to my local WalMart and went to the laundry basket isle. There I found it. My new best friend. I was looking for the mesh bag I used to wash my kids clothes when they were a baby and found the answer to my prayers. I swear when I saw it it glowed. It was the Tide BraBag.

  The Tide BraBag has two zippered compartments. When closed the zippers are hidden my a nifty tag the dryer can't sink it's teeth into. The packaging says it will hold two bras. For once being small (34A) has it's advantages. One side can hold three bras, while the other side is roomy enough to hold my other undergarments. For once I didn't dread washing my delicates. I was looking forward to it. When it came time to do laundry I loaded it up and threw it in the washer. Then came the showdown. As I started putting clothes in the evil dryer I told it this time I would win. From now on the dryer was on a diet. Since this wasn't the first time I'd said that it laughed. When the dryer finally stopped I went to open the door. I listened carefully and for once heard no laughter. I opened the door and there wasn't anything dangling. I pulled out the BraBag and for the first time things came out the way they went in. The double mesh of the bag allowed water and soap to do its job. I went back and bought two more. One I gave to a friend the other I kept in case these disappear from the shelves. Tide BraBags are under $4. Don't tell Tide, but I would pay more. The money I'm saving on not having to by a bra or two a week I can now use for more makeup. If you have an evil dryer run, don't walk, to the store and grab a bunch of these.

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I laughed so hard thanks for that.

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