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Fake Tanning Perfection

We all know how hard it can be to get fake tan to look natural, without the patches, the orange the yellow, but with the tips I’m about to share with you, you will be on your way to fake tan perfection.

Tip 1 - Exfoliate and this is the crucial one you have all heard of. Really good exfoliator's to use are St Ives or even doTERRA Facial Scrub as the essential oils in this break down the surface oils and dirt and grime on your skin and in your pores, leaving your skin fresh and clean as the essential oils rinse clear and leave your skin the perfect canvas for the fake tan chemical reaction.

Tip 2 - Don’t shave or wax after fake tan, doing so will damage your skin and will pull of your fake tan, shave or wax 24 hours before so your skin has a chance to heal, the shave will have produced very good exfoliation as well as waxing would too. If you have to shave daily (men) or frequently, then a really good way to get around this is to purchase an electric shaver, this way as you shave your only shaving the hair and not the skin and removing the fake tan(there are some really good electric shavers so look out for the reviews on them)

Tip 3 - Moisturise, Now this step should be done straight after exfoliating and rinsing, without patting dry, just wipe moisturiser all over your wet face (avoiding eyes) and then pat dry, then apply a little bit more, this will lock in an incredible amount more water into your skin, leaving skin plump and healthy. Now some people say don’t moisturise before you fake tan, I disagree to an extent, some tanners barely have any DHA tanner in them so moisturising before will totally dilute them, also some say the moisturiser will block the tanner from tanning the skin, of course it will but I’m not saying use something like bio oil as your moisturiser before tanning, no, you have to look at the ingredients in the moisturiser and make sure there is not any oils, lanolin or alcohol. This way your skin will be perfectly susceptible to the fake tan process and will be incredibly even (personal experiences).

Tip 4 - After care is so very much important, you have to moisturise daily and if your find areas of your face or body that dry throughout the day you must moisturiser to prevent the skin from cracking and then peeling and flaking off leaving you patchy, good moisturisers are richer types, body butters, however oils seem to speed up the removal of fake tan, (avoid mineral oil at all costs this is terrible with fake tan) good oils to use would be Moroccan Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, or even Rosehip, these are my favourite 3 oils that leave the skin nourished and deeply hydrated making the tan stay radiant and allow it to fade naturally and evenly.

Tip 5 - Water intake is just as important, dehydrated body is a dehydrated skin and moisturiser will not make up for this aim for 2.5 litres a day or 6 to 8 glasses.

Tip 6 - This one sucks sadly, baths and showers will remove and fade your tan fast, hot or warm water baths for more than 10 minutes will take off around 1 to 1 and a half shades of your tan and will potentially not be in even places making you look patchy, so showers of a cool temperature with moisturising shower gels or creams are you safest and best bet for keeping your tan fresh and even.

Tip 8 - If everything goes wrong possible with your tan, hot baths with good exfoliator's are your best shot at getting yourself back to normal.

Best Products for Achieving Greatness

Xen Tan formulations are great, olive undertones. (Tanner)

DoTERRA facial Cleanser (Aftercare, Nourish's)

DoTERRA Facial Scrub (Before And Every 2-3 Days After Tanning)

Simple “Moisturising” Wash (Aftercare)

These products are the products I myself use and so far haven't had any bad experiences only tanned palms (forgot to wash with bar soap, my shampoo just wasn’t strong enough, Ha).

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Perfect I will follow these steps when I bronze this year. I have never thought about the process this way, thanks for the post. 

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