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MEGA Vita-Min™ High Strength

MEGA Vita-Min™ High Strength



Mega vita-min high strength, multiple vitamins and minerals, these are pretty good first looks, what you get are 100 coated caplets (these babies are huge), their also sugar and sweetener added.

So where are these from well if you’re in England you have them everywhere, its Holland and Barrett.

So why would you take vitamins, well as a trainer I don’t normally recommend them as I try to preach good eating habits through controlled nutrient meals, making sure each meal is balanced – carbs, protein, fats (essential) and fruits and veg and as much water as you can, but sometimes even that’s not enough so that’s where these come in.

These vitamins should be used as a food supplement, so good eating with fruits, veg and balanced diet and then compliment your diet with one of these vitamins to make sure you’re getting all your essential nutrients and minerals. There not in any way shape or form going to used their full potential if you eat say chocolate, burgers and crisps every day, yes it will ensure you get your nutrients but it’s beside the point, these to be used and absorbed by your body need to be taken with a healthy balanced meal as some vitamins are only fat soluble.

Benefits of vitamin/minerals are to ensure your body has everything your diet may necessarily not be providing and to keep your body, hair skin and nails in tip top shape.

So MEGA Vita-Min™ High Strength what’s the difference? Well the percentage of vitamins and minerals in it are what sets these apart from supermarket versions, with some RDA (recommended daily allowance) being over by the thousands (yes the thousands). With some vitamins there is no limit as to how much can be taken by the body and some cannot be overdosed upon, nice additive’s to this product are some great anti-age ingredients that will protect skin hair and nails; watercress, rose hip powder, soya, coenzyme Q10, garlic, parsley and not to mention the antioxidant power of the vitamins.

So why do I take vitamins? Well through strenuous lengthy exercise daily my body gets put through a lot of stress and from exercise the body produces free radicals (damaging) and so the antioxidants from the vitamins are much needed to help repair and protect cell damage that can cause cancer and ageing (two things I want nothing to do with). So when dieting and exercising, providing your body with a great balanced diet with much needed hydration, supplementing with a vitamin a day is a great way to make sure your body is supplied with the things it needs to stay strong and healthy.

So one a day with your main meal for 100 days will set you back £13.69 at: www.hollandandbarrett.com

(Don’t continue to use more after finishing a bottle, give your body some rest by continuing a healthy balanced diet and if you wish after a few months you can take them again)

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