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  About a year ago my family switched over to natural deodorants.  Many deodorants on the market contain aluminum and parabens.  According to the National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet reviewed January 4, 2008, scientists know that aluminum causes a temporary plug within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skins surface.  And scientists also agree that parabens, which are preservatives used in deodorants, have been shown to mimic the activity of estrogen in the body’s cells.  Although there is no conclusive evidence that links deodorants with breast cancer, if the above ingredients are not needed to make effective deodorants why would consumers want to use them?  If the sweat glands are being blocked, that means the toxins your body is trying to release naturally are being trapped inside your body.  And if an ingredient is strong enough to change your hormones is it necessary to use?  For my family the answer was easy, we didn’t want to use any unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. 

     We began using deodorants made by Tom’s of Maine, the same company that makes the toothpaste and mouthwashes we are currently using.  We tried the regular and long lasting deodorants and although they worked, they needed to be applied frequently through the day and they really didn’t work well to cover odor if you were working out.  Given that, we tried another brand by a company called Jason Pure, Natural and Organic.  We started using their fragrance free deodorant and it lasts through the day keeping odors away.  If I am going to work out, I apply some right before and it seems to last for the workout like any other deodorant I’ve used in the past.  They list their deodorant as aluminum free and paraben free.  So far we are happy with this product.  However, I noticed that Tom’s of Maine has updated a few of their deodorant products and I haven’t tried the newer versions yet.  If anyone else out there has tried them, I’d like to hear how the newer versions are working.  It’s nice to know they are working to make improvements to their products.    It is good to know there are alternative products out there we can use that are effective and can also give you peace of mind.  Healthy Living Natural Beauty
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by hamolla 7 months, 2 weeks ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Me too! Fresh apricot has worked wonders for me! I went to the amusement park with my family during the summer and this stayed onALLDAY! And I still smelled like apricot through roller coasers,swimmig, and sweating, Like magic.............

by aly7 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

TracyTB I agree with your point, what did or didn't work for me might or might not work on someone else.  I just love this site because it gives us a chance to hear about things that we might not have known about otherwise.  I just love natural products and I love the homemade DIY recipes.  I'm always looking for natural ingredients that work.  When I was young my Grandma used to have some of the DIY recipes and now that I"m older, I really appreciate what she passed on to us.  She really knew what she was talking about!   Aly7 I'll have to try that one sometime.  I think the one my family tried was the long lasting lavender and one that smelled like a pine tree or some kind of foresty scent.  I really like Tom's of Maine.

by HealthyLivingNaturalBeauty 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I loooove Toms of Maine Apricot Deoderant. GREAT!!

by aly7 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I made the switch to natural deodorants a few years ago (though don't kill me I recently have been using Secret again, but primarily because I ran out of my natural stuff and Its been a hectic month).  There are a few things I have come to learn about natural deodorants through my experimentation. 1) Just because it worked once, doesn't mean it will work again. Your body changes all the time and so the effectiveness of the deodorant might change as well. For the last two years I have used Earth Science's Linken Plant with amazing results (available for about $6 at Whole Foods).  The last time I used it, I noticed things had changed. Definitely not as reliable as before. 2) What works for one person, might not work on another.  My best friend is able to use Tom's deodorant all day, but I might as well put on nothing (that's how UN effective it is on me).  3) Salt rock crystal deodorants can sting if you shave frequently.  I stopped using them specifically because of that reason.  4) Certain fabrics won't work with natural deodorants.  Primarily fabrics that don't really breath well like polyester.  On days you wear clothes made from them, you might want to opt for an anti-persperiant, or just make sure you don't sweat that much. Good luck with your search. At the end of the day I think it's a worthy quest to try to find a great natural deodorant. Our Total Beauty reviewers have rated two natural deodorants pretty highly as well. Arm and Hamer Essentials Natural Deodorant and Pristine Beauty Take a Whiff.  

by TracyTB 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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